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What Happens If You Get Bitten By A Tick In Tulsa?

May 28, 2020

Being bitten by a tick is a process. It doesn't simply bite you and crawl away. If you interrupt this process early, you can prevent the spread of tick-borne diseases. The bacterium that causes Lyme Disease can take as long as 48 hours to transfer. Here's what to do if you get bitten by these pests.... Read More

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Milder Tulsa Winters Means More Ticks

February 14, 2020

Many people assume that ticks die off in the winter or go dormant like some other pests. In fact, ticks are able to survive the colder months, and some remain quite active. So just because it’s getting cold outside doesn’t mean it’s time to let our guards down.... Read More

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Why Call Dandi For Tick Problems Around Tulsa This Summer

June 10, 2019

There are a lot of good reasons to call Dandi Guaranty for any pest problem you're dealing with. The difference between Dandi and other pest control companies is in the name. We don't just promise to take care of pests, we make sure those pests will be taken care of by offering guarantees and warranties that safeguard your investment.... Read More

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How To Prepare Oklahoma Yards Against Summer Fleas And Ticks

March 28, 2019

Everyone has at least one friend that will always remind them to watch out for fleas and ticks before they go anywhere remotely outdoors. You may feel that this vigilance about tiny fleas and ticks is a little over the top, but that is only because they know the dangers and troubles that these small pests pose.... Read More


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