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All About Dandi Guaranty

Dandi Guaranty is a locally-owned and family-run pest control service that is based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Founded in 1959, Dandi began it’s journey to where it is today on the foundation of providing quality pest control services that provide long-lasting results and value the wants and needs of the customer. Over the past 60 years, we have seen amazing growth! Our company currently has 15 loyal employees and 10 pest control vehicles and provides quality residential and commercial pest control across the state of Oklahoma. 

Why Dandi Is The Right Choice For You

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Here at Dandi, we guarantee that you will receive quality work each and every time we service your home. Our customers mean more to us than just a name on a sheet of paper; when you partner with us, you become a part of our pest control family! We believe that every Oklahoma home and business owner deserves a pest control services that respects and values their needs and concerns, and at Dandi Guaranty, we strive to provide just that!

No matter what pest you're dealing with or how major or minor your pest infestation is, our team here at Dandi is ready to walk by your side to find a solution for you. No problem is too tough when you've got Dandi on your side. The only question is, are you ready to find out what that looks like for you?

Here at Dandi Guaranty, we offer:

  • Quick Response Times

  • Pest-Free Guarantee

  • Free Inspections

There are a number of things that set us apart from all the other pest control providers in Oklahoma. We offer free pest inspections to help you find out what pest pressures you're dealing with in and around your property before you make any further decisions on pest control options. Our quick response time, emergency services, and pest-free guarantee can help you sleep easy at night, knowing that your home is fully protected from pests. With everything we do, you and your home are what matter most to us. Helping you find a solution and a plan you are comfortable with is what is most important. Dandi Guaranty is the company for you because we are the company that cares.

Dandi Guaranty's Mission Statement

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“To have a positive impact on the health, safety, and well being of our employees, customers, and our community.”

Our Values

“God, Family, Customers”

Our DANDI Principles


Show up on time, minimize absenteeism, perform job duties, do what’s expected of you, be on time to customer appointments.


Express gratitude, respect and take care of company property, be favorable, respect customers and say thank you, appreciate what we do as a service for others.


Don’t talk about fellow employees (no gossip), be a team player, be positive, treat others as you would have them treat you.


Strongly motivated to please, desire to learn, self-managing, go above and beyond, initiative.


Be honest (don’t lie), do the right thing when no one is watching, be responsible for your own actions, put others needs before your own, humility, trust.

Trustworthy and Dependable Pest Control

When you partner with us at Dandi Guaranty, you become a part of our pest control family, and being in this family comes with its perks. With Dandi, you get professional pest technicians who are ready to respond to your pest control needs at a moment's notice and are equipped with the best pest control products money can buy from trusted brands such as BASF, Bayer and Sentricon®. With us, you won't get lost in a list of names like with other pest control companies! Choose Dandi Guaranty and find freedom from pests!


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