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scorpion in the basement

Four Quick & Effective Scorpion-Control Tips For Oklahoma City Property Owners

September 30, 2020

Few pests create as much fear as scorpions; they make people shiver and quiver. Sometimes, they can be quite large which is intimidating. Even when they are on the smaller side, their chunky, sharp claws give pause. The only feature that's worse is their stingers, which are filled with poisonous venom. Thankfully, for most of the United States, the chances of encountering a scorpion are low. However, in Oklahoma City, home and business owners ... Read More

carpenter ant face

Here's Why You Should Get Professional Pest Control For Your Oklahoma City Property

September 26, 2020

Home and business owners in Oklahoma City have very busy lives. Due to this, many things are put on the backburner. Receiving professional pest control on a consistent basis is often one of them. Many residents assume that unless you have an active issue with bugs and/or creatures, services aren’t necessary. This is untrue. There are several types of pests that require preventive care because destruction can happen fast once they’r... Read More

flea in pet hair

The Most Effective Way To Keep Ticks & Fleas Out Of Your Tulsa Yard

September 24, 2020

Your Tulsa yard can be the perfect setting for relaxation or recreation. Depending on the size of the land, you could have a romantic picnic, host a volleyball game, or invite folks over for a barbecue. At the very least, you could pull up a chair and read your favorite book. What often deters people from indulging in these activities are outdoor pests. Some are just annoying while others are dangerous. For example, blood-sucking mosquitoes ar... Read More

bed bug infestation

Are Bed Bugs In Tulsa Dangerous?

September 16, 2020

In order to keep bed bugs at bay, defeat them, and/or reduce their impact, it is important to learn more about these irritating critters. Understanding how they operate and what the risk factors are is critical to guarding your property. Further, you can discover how Dandi Guaranty can be of assistance. ... Read More

fire ants on a patio

What Oklahoma Property Owners Need To Know About Do-It-Yourself Fire Ant Control

September 10, 2020

Not all pest infestations are equal in terms of the amount of danger they pose to you and your property. Some pests, like ants, are most often considered nuisances (a pain to have to deal with but not particularly dangerous). But do you know about the more serious ant infestations that can pose greater risks? Are you doing all you can to stay protected?... Read More

black widow spider crawling on her web

Tulsa’s Complete Guide To Effective Black Widow Control

September 8, 2020

While some people are appropriately terrified of spiders, most of the ones that you spot around your property are pretty harmless. They eat other bugs and tend to keep to themselves. However, some spider infestations are worse than others, and knowing how to tell dangerous spiders apart from nuisance spiders may just put you a step ahead of problematic spider encounters.... Read More

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