What Everyone In Oklahoma City Ought To Know About Dangerous Spiders

November 26, 2020

Spiders are sneaky, creepy-looking critters. They have these super long, angling legs, and sometimes leap or run fast. The bugs produce these gummy webs that aren’t always detectable. You can unknowingly walk into them and be grossed out. To boot, they have fangs and claws pumped with venom. Quite understandably, spiders make people uneasy and afraid. It isn’t any better that these sneaky arachnids can come out of nowhere!

a dangerouse black widow spider on a web

It might be hard to believe, but some spiders in Oklahoma City are relatively harmless. Others are supremely dangerous. Black widow spiders and brown recluse spiders are considered the most medically lethal species in the United States. If you take time to read about these two, you’ll discover how to identify and prevent them with the help of Dandi Guaranty.

What Do Black Widows & Brown Recluses Look Like? What Are The Risks?

As anticipated by their name, black widow spiders are black and glossy. The smallest ones are about 0.12 of an inch long. Males max out at 0.39 of an inch, while the females can reach 0.51. No matter the sex, they have a red abdominal mark that looks like an hourglass. Their nests can be found in areas with a lot of organic debris, wood, and grass. Despite them being outdoor pests, they’ll go indoors if it means they’ll find food. They munch on flies, ants, grasshoppers, and other insects. Move cautiously when you enter quiet and dark rooms, such as the basement or garage and closets too. Black widows don’t attack that often, but it’s not wise to disturb or agitate them. If you’re bitten, your nervous system will be impacted by the neurotoxins in their venom.
Brown recluse spiders have a color revealing name too. The ½ of an inch long bugs are either brown or tan. They sprint quickly on their elongated and thin legs. These creatures have many things in common with their black widow counterparts. For one, they too have body marks; one that resembles a violin. Two, they consume bugs and prefer to nest in natural matter. Three, they’ll focus on low-traffic and dark spots inside your property. Be careful around sheds, crawl spaces, cellars, attics, and cabinets. Brown recluses can rapidly become an issue because of their reproduction rates. Their toxic bites can lead to fevers, nausea, and skin lesions. Here are some other key facts about these spiders:

  • Their bites can necessitate immediate medical attention.

  • They’re both most active at night.

  • Primary infestation signs are seeing them or their particularly messy webs. You’re liable to find them near sheltered places, firewood, and furniture.

How Can You Prevent Black Widows & Brown Recluses?

Perform these tasks for spider deterrence: 

  • Routinely vacuum, sweep, and dust 

  • Decrease clutter

  • Regularly trim and clean your yard

  • Place greenery and wood two feet away from your property 

  • Inspect storage objects and wood before using it

  • Patch gaps around doors, windows, and foundations

  • Repair leaks and check moisture areas

  • Regulate humidity

  • Call Dandi Guaranty if you have complications with spiders 

What Can Dandi Guaranty Do About Black Widows And Brown Recluses?

Trying to handle black widow and brown recluse spiders on your own is not worth putting your life on the line. Leave it to the professionals at Dandi Guaranty, who know how to eliminate these pests without the possibility of dire circumstances. Our technicians have the skills to properly label and locate spiders and their nests. Brown recluses are commonly misidentified. After examining your property, a strong and safe treatment will be applied. You won’t have to worry about another invasion. For 60 years, we’ve offered cost-friendly and comprehensive services.  At Dandi Guaranty, you can begin to enjoy recurring and emergency visits, and other perks today! Call for a free inspection!

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