The Secret To Minimizing Mosquito Problems Around Your Tulsa Yard

May 8, 2020

There is no doubt that the spread of viruses is a serious concern right now, and there is no insect in the United States that is better at spreading viruses than the mosquito. The good news is that all mosquito species are not capable of spreading all viruses. This is because mosquitoes don't spread viruses the way many people think. The needle-like mouthparts of a mosquito do not get contaminated, and carry diseases to the next person bitten. When a mosquito bites a human or wild animal that has a contagion, it is brought into the gut of the mosquito and eventually moves to the salivary glands. If a mosquito can't incubate a virus, it is not passed along. There is also a lot of confusion about mosquito control. Many people use mosquito control solutions that aren't really a solution. This leads to more bites and increases the potential for sickness. Let's take a look at what works.

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Mosquitoes Don't Get Around As Much As You Think

You might think that mosquitoes fly around all day long, zipping from yard to yard in search of someone to bite and that, when they come into your yard, they bite you and move on. This couldn't be further from the truth. While mosquitoes move fairly quickly through the air, they expend energy to do this. After a journey around your yard, most mosquitoes need a rest. The most dangerous mosquitoes in the United States, the Aedes albopictus and Aedes aegypti, spend most of their time resting. In the life of an Aedes mosquito, it is likely to travel less than a few hundred feet. You can bet that when an Aedes sp. mosquito comes into your yard from another yard, it will find a place to rest as soon as it can.

Where Mosquitoes Rest

Have you noticed that mosquitoes seem to come out of nowhere when you go out into your backyard? How do they find you so quickly? It is because they are only hiding a few feet away.

Some of the common hiding places mosquitoes can be found are:

  • Under rocks

  • In logs

  • In tree cavities

  • In ornamental plants

  • In thick weeds or grass

  • In ground holes

  • Inside voids under exterior structures

Getting Mosquitoes When They Rest

The most powerful protection from mosquitoes is one that targets resting sites in your yard. An application of residual product to these sensitive areas will work to eliminate mosquitoes that come to rest. When you eliminate one female mosquito, you are potentially eliminating hundreds of mosquitoes that would have hatched in your yard or near your yard. This is why commercial mosquito control is so powerful.

How Mosquito Control Works

At Dandi Guaranty, we provide mosquito service as a stand-alone product and also as part of our residential pest control plans, such as our Preferred Living Plan and Premier Living Plan. This service comes with routine misting treatments around your home. The product used is only dangerous to simple organisms such as mosquitoes and ticks. It is not harmful to humans, pets, or wildlife. The mist our pest professionals apply is also residual. That means it works to take down mosquitoes between visits.

Are you ready to live without mosquitoes?

If you want to take your backyard back, reach out to us. You don't have to let mosquitoes ruin your backyard fun, or spread harmful viruses to you, your family, or your pets. With ongoing mosquito protection from Dandi Guaranty Pest Solutions & Termite Protection, mosquitoes won't be allowed to rest in your yard—and live to tell about it.

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