Identifying Signs Of Carpenter Ant Activity In & Around Your Tulsa Home

January 31, 2020

When a creature that is known for tunneling through wood is around, eyebrows are raised. When there are thousands of those creatures all working together towards the same goal, people start getting nervous. When those creatures are found inside your home literally eating away at your investment, insanity ensues. It’s the bug-pocolypse here in Tulsa. Not really, but carpenter ants are eating homes, and that is leaving homeowners wondering what to do. Fortunately, we have some ways you can spot carpenter ant infestations early, and one great tip to keep them away.

a carpenter ant infestation in tulsa oklahoma

What Carpenter Ants Look Like

Carpenter ants are usually some combination of red and black in color and are typically ½ to ⅝” in length. To tell a carpenter ant from any of its close cousins, take a look at its thorax, the part of the ant's body below the head. If it is rounded, you are probably looking at a carpenter ant. If it is unevenly shaped, you are more likely observing a typical black ant. Carpenter ants can also be identified based on where you find them. If you see a group of ants near a dead tree or near a piece of rotting, wet wood, they are most likely carpenter ants.

Are Carpenter Ants Dangerous

The only threat carpenter ants pose is to the wood of manmade structures. They are not venomous like spiders, they do not have painful bites, and they are not known for carrying or transmitting any dangerous forms of diseases. The only way a carpenter ant could cause you any major harm is if you let them eat away at your home long enough for it to fall apart around you.

How To Spot Carpenter Ants

The trick is finding carpenter ants before their damage becomes great. Here are some ways we recommend you do this.

  • Check the condition of your home’s wood. Carpenter ants prefer wood that has been softened by water damage or rot. If this is found, have it repaired or replaced.
  • Look for frass (sawdust) around baseboards, window sills, and door jams. This sign is something that is unique to carpenter ants as termites typically consume the wood they tunnel through, leaving nothing behind.
  • Keep an eye out for winged ants crawling over ceilings, walls, or around hidden crevices around your home. These could be carpenter ant swarmers, and they may be looking for a new place to build another nest.
  • Check around window sills, baseboards, and ventilation shafts for shed wings. These could be from carpenter ant swarmers or, worse, termite swarmers.
  • As infestations become worse, you may notice more major problems such as walls buckling, ceilings dipping, and wallpaper bubbling. These are all clear signs of a serious problem.

What To Do If You Suspect Your Home Has Carpenter Ants

If after doing a thorough inspection of your home, you suspect carpenter ants are living in your walls, it’s time to take action. At Dandi Guaranty, we specialize in getting and keeping carpenter ants out of homes. Servicing Oklahoma residents since 1959, we are well suited for the job. We will put our knowledge and expertise to the test and prove to you we are your best choice for quality pest control.
To learn more about how we treat for carpenter ants, or to schedule an inspection for your Tulsa home, give us a call today.

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