How To Stop Spring Cockroaches From Invading Tulsa-Area Homes

May 16, 2019

a creepy crawling cockroach scaling the wall of a Tulsa kitchen

Do you know the saying, “It's the best of both worlds?" Cockroaches are more like the worst of both worlds. Not only are they hair-raising creepy creatures, but they are as dangerous as they look--but maybe not in the way you would assume. You see, cockroaches are filthy creatures by nature and their dirty activities and propensity to carry and transmit diseases make them way more than just a scary insect. Here are some factors that may be inviting these dangerous roaches to invade your Tulsa-area home.

Cockroach Attractants

Most commonly cockroaches will wander into our homes rather than invade. They do no scope it out from the outside and decide to invade because of something they see. They are sometimes, however, drawn to stick around by certain conditions they find after they have wandered in. Here are a few common reasons cockroaches will stick around after they make it inside.

  • Plenty of moisture: Cockroaches by their nature prefer to live in moist environments. If your home has particularly humid areas, such as the basement or crawlspaces, this is where cockroaches will hide.
  • Organic materials (food): Cockroaches are omnivorous scavenging creatures that will eat anything organic, rotten or not. If your home has food in any form, whether on counter tops, kitchen tables or under appliances, they may decide to stick around.
  • Tight Spaces: When cockroaches hide, they prefer to have their backs and bellies against surfaces. The tighter the space, the safer they feel. Most commonly they will find these areas under appliances and other household furnishings.

Cockroach Prevention Steps For OK Homeowners

When it comes to preventing cockroaches from invading homes, there are a few things you as a homeowner can do. Here are some good places to start.

  • Check your exterior foundation for any gaps or cracks cockroaches could use to squeeze inside. Seal these off using a high-quality caulk and caulking gun.
  • As much as possible, keep dining and food-preparation areas clean and free of organic materials. Make sure to take extra care to clean tight spaces such as under appliances and furniture.
  • Store food inside plastic containers and off of countertops and tables where cockroaches can reach.
  • Reduce cockroach hiding spaces around your home. This can be done by removing clutter and organizing storage areas.

The Best Cockroach Prevention Tip

All of the steps above can be helpful in reducing your home's chances of a cockroach infestation, but none of them is 100%. The only sure-fire way to make sure cockroaches stay away from you and your home is with professional pest control. Here at Dandi, we have just that. If you are looking for a solution to ensure your Tulsa-area home stays cockroach-free year round, let Dandi help. Cockroaches won't have a choice but to stay away when you invite Dandi in!

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