Guide To Avoiding Mosquitoes In Tulsa

July 29, 2019

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Every year, mosquitoes seem to appear out of nowhere, and then proceed to feed on our blood throughout the summer. Whether those mosquitoes hibernated during the previous winter or hatched from eggs laid in freezing puddles, the fact is, we must deal with the problems they perpetuate. Now that we have reached the middle of summer, mosquito populations are at their highest. But what issues can mosquitoes cause for Tulsa property owners?

Problems Mosquitoes Cause

When a mosquito bites, it uses its sharp proboscis to pierce your skin. As the mosquito feeds on your blood, it injects saliva into your bloodstream, which prevents your blood from clotting. Mosquito saliva is what causes the itchy red welts on your skin. No one wants to be bitten by mosquitoes, and these irritating pests are capable of ruining outdoor gatherings and disrupting events. To make things worse, several dangerous bacteria and diseases including malaria, dengue, yellow fever, Zika virus, and West Nile, to name a few, are spread by mosquitoes. Worldwide, about 700 million people get infected with mosquito-borne illnesses that result in over one million deaths every year.

Mosquito Prevention Tips

Professional mosquito services are always the best defense against mosquito infestations. However, listed below are a few prevention tips you can follow to avoid attracting these harmful pests to your Tulsa property. 
Check your gutters to ensure they aren’t clogged, broken, or draining water ineffectively.
If possible, fill in the low lying areas of your lawn, driveway, and sidewalks.
Remove toys, buckets, flowerpots, and other items that may collect water from your property.
Cut back thick brush and tree branches from your exterior walls.
Trim tall grass, shrubs, and weeds away from your foundation.
Keep your pool properly maintained.
Mosquito prevention tips are a smart way to make your Tulsa property less appealing, but they're not a replacement for professional mosquito control services. Unfortunately, mosquito prevention can be tricky because nothing stops mosquitoes in your neighbor's yard from traveling to yours. At Dandi Guaranty, we are happy to provide Tulsa property owners with the effective mosquito control and prevention services they deserve. Whether you want a one-time treatment for an upcoming outdoor event or ongoing mosquito services, the pest technicians here at Dandi Guaranty have you covered. For more information about our home pest control services, or to schedule an inspection, reach out to us today.

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