Are Mosquitoes In Tulsa Dangerous?

August 13, 2021

Mosquitoes exist in thousands of different species worldwide, and more than 100 types are found in the U.S.  Mosquitoes are flying pests that usually measure approximately ¼ of an inch long, have long legs, and are most prevalent during the hot and humid months. Mosquitoes are most active during the hours near dawn and dusk, and tend to retreat into shaded areas of vegetation during periods of direct sunlight. Studies have shown that mosquitoes can detect our body heat and the carbon dioxide that we emit, and they seem particularly attracted to those with type O blood and also pregnant women

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The Health Risks Posed By Mosquitoes

In most cases, those bitten by a mosquito will develop a red, itchy, and irritated patch of skin. Some individuals are allergic to the mosquitoes’ saliva and have more severe forms of skin irritation. As mosquitoes travel between hosts, they can transmit diseases including malaria, the West Nile virus, dengue, and some conditions that are also potentially very dangerous for dogs and horses.  

Best Practices For Preventing Mosquitoes

  • Remove any objects that may hold standing water, including flowerpots, buckets, kiddie pools, and bird baths.

  • Promptly repair leaky spigots or hoses, and keep gutters and downspouts clear to prevent possibly creating pools of water.

  • Keep the grass mowed, and trim down any taller weeds, bushes, shrubs, and other types of vegetation.

  • Use the special yellowish light bulbs in exterior fixtures that have proven less likely to attract flying insects.

Protecting Yourself From Being Bitten

Avoid outdoor activities during dusk and dawn, which are the peak times of mosquito activity. Keep the skin covered by wearing full-length pants and long-sleeved shirts, and avoid wearing strong-smelling lotions or perfumes. The EPA has approved various repellents that can be applied, including DEET and IR-3535 that come in forms such as creams, lotions, and sprays.  

The Professional Approach To Pest Control

Many property owners are unaware that treatment options are available for limiting the presence of mosquitoes outdoors. Others mistakenly attempt to use store-bought do-it-yourself options that include aerosol sprays, foggers, and traps that achieve very mediocre results, and prolong the aggravation of coping with mosquitoes. In addition, some of these products might contain chemical agents that pose potential health risks. 
The experts with Dandi Guaranty adhere to a multi-step process that has been successful for decades. Our technicians begin by conducting a detailed interior and exterior inspection of the premises, and performing a chemical dusting of any potential points of entry. Next, we conduct treatment options that have proven to be both safe and effective, and always diligently follow-up.  

Licensed Pest Management Company In Tulsa

For many years now, the team of professionals with Dandi Guaranty have been eradicating pests for home and business owners in the local Tulsa region. We are a full-service provider that handles problems with mosquitos, bed bugs, termites, and many other unwanted and harmful pests. Our staff has been trained to use many of the latest products and treatment methods that are recommended by the Oklahoma Pest Management Association, and other industry leaders. 
We operate according to the best practices for protecting our customers, their pets, and the local environment. Keep in mind that we now offer emergency services for those with immediate concerns. Contact us today to schedule an inspection and no-obligation estimate.

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