4 Easy & Effective Tick Control Tips For Oklahoma City Yards

October 29, 2020

Oklahoma City is the best of both worlds. You have all the benefits of city life but you aren’t too far from the wilderness. Many OKC homes have some sort of woods or forest either nearby or in the backyard. This can be great. We don’t want to get caught up in the city life so much that we can’t catch our breath or take a little walk in the woods from time to time. However, the woods being so close also means the inevitable presence of something else.

a tick inbedded in skin

The Dangers Of Ticks

Although there are thousands of kinds of ticks in America, and they come and go with the seasons, you’re likely to be dealing with one of three kinds on your property. First is the American dog tick, given its name for its affinity for latching on to dogs. The small, biting pests are typically brown and love to hide in any tall grass away from tree cover.

Up next, deer ticks. Also known as black-legged ticks because, well, they have black legs, these arachnids will spend most of their time in forests that play host to many deer. Yes, ticks are actually arachnids, not insects. They usually hide from the deer (or humans) in piles of leaves and then find a way to climb on as a deer or person passes by.

The other common tick you’ll encounter on your OKC property is a lone star tick, and, just like the name sounds, these guys are the hotshots, the ones who don’t like to just keep to themselves. Lone star ticks are the most aggressive type of tick at any life stage and spend most of their time in heavily wooded areas with lots of brush, leaves, and bushes on the ground.

No matter which of the three you’re dealing with, you have a very good chance of also having to deal with any of the multiple diseases they carry. If a tick latches on to you, it could expose you to anything from Lyme disease (which can lead to skin irritations, numbness, and even memory loss) to Rocky Mountain spotted fever. This is the scary one as it can be fatal in humans without treatment and is often fatal in animals like livestock and pets. Dog ticks and lone star ticks also transmit tularemia which can be fatal in humans. No matter how you look at it, whether you’ve got pets and children running around or it’s just you, ticks on your property is not a risk you should take.

OKC Tick Prevention

So how can we get rid of them? While ticks can be inevitable if you live near the woods, these 4 quick tips might just help keep them at bay in your yard.
1. Remove leaf piles quickly, as ticks like to hide in them.

2. Mow grass frequently. Ticks typically won’t hang out in short grass in which they feel exposed.

3. Create a barrier between your lawn and the woods with gravel or wood chips to deter tick migration in your yard.

4. Clear out any of the tall grass and bushes on the edge of your lawn near the woods, as these will bring ticks closer to the yard.

If you stick with these guidelines, it can help reduce your chances of ticks in the yard, but there’s never a guarantee when you live near the woods. The only guarantee comes from professional pest control, done right. Contact the professionals at Dandi Guaranty to keep you, your children, and your pets safe from the tick-spread disease today.

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