Why Are Ant Hills Already Forming In My Yard?    

March 12, 2019

a large colony of a small red ants infesting sandy oklahoma property

We all know that ants can ruin our summer festivities by crawling over our picnic food or finding their way into our pantry goods. But is summer the only time ants are active? Unfortunately, the answer to that question is no.
Ants in Oklahoma can be active year-round, but primarily become a concern once the first warm, sunny days of spring arrive. They continue to grow more active as summer approaches, and only slow down again once fall arrives. While we don’t often think of ants as being too troublesome, they can be a nuisance and, in some cases, pose real issues. If you are seeing ant hills forming in your Tulsa-area yard already, there are some things you can do to get rid of them.

Why ant hills?

As ants tunnel their way around your yard, they displace dirt, forming ant hills. Ants don’t live in the ant hill. The types of ants that produce ant hills live in colonies underground in vast, tunneled nests.
Why are ants more active as summer approaches?
For ants, mating season usually falls in the late spring to early summer. As they reproduce, their colonies grow. It is busy work to tend to the queen and the newly forming ants. Ants scurry about gathering food and returning to the nest to take care of the colony.

Why might ant hills signal a problem?

While ants, their colonies, and ant hills aren’t necessarily a huge concern, they can signal a bigger problem and may cause issues in your yard. Ant hills can be unsightly and kill off your grass. Large populations of ants and ant hills can make your yard unwelcoming for leisure activities. Additionally, ants on  your property provide an invitation to other pests. Having one pest on your property is often a sign that your yard and home may be infested with others.

Why call a professional?

If ants are becoming a nuisance on your property, it’s best to call for professional pest control. DIY methods can be tried to help get rid of ant hills, such as raking them over, but that method is ineffective, as it doesn’t destroy the colony. Homemade sprays can sometimes work, but repeatedly spraying can become a full-time job.
At Dandi-Guaranty, our technicians are trained to get rid of ant colonies that may be plaguing your property. We can also identify other issues that having ants may be causing, and we will recommend steps to remedy the problem. If you are seeing ant hills in your Tulsa-area yard already, call us so we can get ahead of the issue and help you enjoy your yard this summer.

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