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Reliable Oklahoma Ant Control

It's not always easy to find quality reliable pest control for your home. But here at Dandi Guaranty, we have made it our mission to provide just that! So if your home is in need of year-round pest protection that puts you and your home first, consider us as your pest control provider. Don’t risk partnering with a pest control company who doesn't value your wants and needs or provides services that miss the mark. Instead, choose the best choice for your home and let the team here at Dandi find a solution that works for you!

Our Approach To Oklahoma Ant Control

When it comes to ant control for Oklahoma homes, there is one thing that Dandi Guaranty knows for sure. Every infestation, house, and homeowner is unique. Their pest control strategy should be too! Here at Dandi, we take pride in providing custom pest control solutions for every home and homeowner. Take a look at our approach to ant control below. 

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Our team of expert pest control specialist will inspect your property for existing pests, pest damage and conducive conditions to pests. 



Our pest control professional will implement a treatment designed specifically for your home and your infestation.


Have a peace of mind with Dandi Guaranty's Guarantee. If pests come back between visit, so will we, free of charge. Your home is safe in Dandi's hands. 


Year-Round Pest Control For Oklahoma homes

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For homeowners who are looking for year-round pest protection that eliminates and prevents common household bugs and mice, Dandi Guaranty’s quarterly pest control program is the ideal solution. When you contact us for help, you will receive an initial interior and exterior inspection and treatment to rid your home of any existing pest problems and then a licensed pest control professional will follow up 30 days later to perform your first quarterly service.  During each quarterly service, we'll follow a four-step process that includes:

  • Coverage for 20+ pests*
  • Exterior perimeter treatment
  • Granular treatments that extends the perimeter of protection beyond the foundation
  • Exterior web dusting (includes reachable areas)
  • Exterior cracks and crevices treatments
  • Interior pest treatment upon request

At Dandi Guaranty, we care about our neighbors and keeping their homes free of pests is our priority.  That's why we our quarterly pest control services are guaranteed - if a pest problem arises in between visits, we will come back out to treat for free!

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