Effective & Affordable Pest Control Solutions In Catoosa, OK

Here in Catoosa, people come from all around to see our blue whale. In fact, it may be what we are best known for! Another thing we should be known for is having access to the best pest control Oklahoma has to offer. At Dandi Guaranty, we pride ourself on our top tier customer service and are honored to offer high-quality pest control to Catoosa at an affordable price. If your home or business needs protection from destructive and annoying pests, consider us at Dandi. We'd be happy to lend a helping hand!

Residential Pest Control In Catoosa, Oklahoma

Whether you live in a massive mansion or a small townhouse, residential pest control is a vital step in protecting your home. Not only does it protect your investment for the damage pests can cause, but it also keeps you and your family safe. Take a moment and think about your home’s pests. Do you have rodents crawling through your walls? Maybe you have fruit flies flying around your home in your kitchen? Now imagine your home free of those frustrating pests. Does the thought bring a smile to your face?

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Here at Dandi, we are all about helping our neighbors in Catoosa find freedom from their pest problems. As a quality pest control provider, improving quality of life is just what we do! If improved quality of life sounds like something you want to invest in, consider choosing Dandi Guaranty as your quality pest control provider!

Spiders Commonly Found In Catoosa, OK

There are a number of common spiders that can be found invading homes and businesses here in Catoosa, OK. The good news is that most of them are harmless such as the wolf spider and garden spider. However, we do have a few spiders that are a bit more threatening including the brown recluse spider and the black widow spider. In Oklahoma, spiders invade homes mainly for one reason: to hunt for prey. In most cases, this prey consists of other common household pests such as centipedes, cockroaches, flies, and more. If you're dealing with spiders in your home, chances are there are some other insect pests hiding out in your home as well.

No matter what pest you're dealing with in your home, whether dangerous or not, Dandi Guaranty would like to offer our services to you! To find out more about how our pest control services can help protect your home from invading spiders and the insects they feed on, consider contacting us. We'd be happy to help you find what you're looking for!

Commercial Pest Control In Catoosa, Oklahoma

Every business owner has a list of important things. Some consider customer service to be priority number one. And at Dandi Guaranty, so do we! Others prefer to protect their customer's experience when they visit. Is one of your values protecting your business with commercial pest control? If it isn’t, let us tell you why it should be! Commercial pest control doesn't only protect your investments from destructive pests, but also works to protect your customers' experiences as well. And while a pest-free business may not warrant gratitude from your customers, a pest-filled business will definitely result in unhappy customers and negative reviews. That's the last thing you want!

Here at Dandi Guaranty, we are in the business of protecting businesses and business owners from hidden threats. Does that sound like something you're looking for? If so, consider checking out what we have to offer here at Dandi Guaranty and how our commercial services could benefit you and your business!

What Do Bed Bugs In Catoosa, OK Look Like?

Have you ever seen bed bugs? If you have, then you know that they're pretty small and they look like tiny ovals with reddish-brown bodies. One thing you may not know is that bed bugs are good at hiding. And when dealing with them, it's important to know not only what they look like but also the signs they leave behind.

Here are a few signs to keep your eyes out for:

  • Blood spots on bed sheets

  • Dark brown, or even black, fecal droppings around sleeping areas.

  • Bed bug casings, which are a result of bed bugs molting

  • Tiny, white, nearly see-through eggs inside cracks or crevices around where you sleep.

If you find bed bugs or the signs of their presence in your home, it may be time to reach out to the professionals here at Dandi Guaranty. We'll come out to your home as soon as possible, and get rid of those bed bugs before you know it! To learn more about how our pests control services can help solve your pest control problem, give us a call!


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