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There is no lack of places to go out and explore nature here in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. If you feel like taking a nature walk, you can head down to Ray Harral Nature Park. If you'd rather just hang out under the sun, maybe you'd enjoy a visit to Haikey Creek Park. One thing is for certain, nature is a beautiful thing as long as it stays where it belongs. But nature becomes a lot less beautiful and a lot more troublesome when it enters our homes and businesses in the form of invading pests.

Broken Arrow has access to the highest quality pest control services money can buy through the professionals here at Dandi. If you're looking for a way to keep your home or business pest-free all year-round, give us a call. Our team of pest control professionals would be happy to help you find a solution to your pest problem!

Residential Pest Control In Broken Arrow, OK

When you live in a home, it can be hard to imagine living anywhere else, especially the longer you’ve been there. Pests are a little different. Instead of choosing one place to call home and sticking to it, pests move about looking for the next best thing. Unfortunately for many of the residents here in Broken Arrow, that happens to be their home.

beautiful small home in broken arrow with a wildlife pest issueIs this the case with your home? If so, then it may be time to consider the benefits of professional home pest control. With high-quality pest control from Dandi Guaranty, you don’t have to worry about rats chewing through your walls, or cockroaches spoiling your supper. All you need to think about is making memories that are worth remembering!

Tips To Minimize Mosquito Exposure In Broken Arrow, OK

Mosquitoes are a major threat around the world, and Broken Arrow is no exception. The question is, is your property under siege? If so, there is a reason why. Unlike other pests, mosquitoes don't fly long distances to get to your property and pester you. Most likely, if they are buzzing around, there is a mosquito breeding site somewhere nearby. Where are mosquitoes born? That's a very good question. Female mosquitoes lay their eggs in still water. This water may be found a toy bucket in a sandbox filled up after a recent rainfall or a puddle of water in a clogged gutter. Reducing these areas of stagnant water around your yard will greatly reduce the mosquito population on your property. However, if you are looking to get your property mosquito free, your best bet is to call Dandi. Nothing will get those mosquitoes off your property faster than we will!

Commercial Pest Control In Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Is your business pest-free? If it isn’t, why not? Have you had trouble finding a pest control company that can do the job right? Whatever your reasoning for needing help, we would like to suggest that investing in commercial pest control is an important step in protecting Oklahoma businesses, including yours!

Unless you own a horse farm, flies should not be a part of your businesses experience. When a cockroach runs under a customers legs they stop thinking about your product and begin looking for the first exit. That’s the last thing Dandi wants. Your business success matters to us, and we want to do anything we can to help keep you successful. We offer you the highest quality pest control you can find here in Broken Arrow. If you have a need, we have a solution, so give us a call to get started!

How Much Damage Can Termites Really Cause In Broken Arrow, OK?

Last year in the United States, termites were responsible for roughly 5 billion dollars in property damage. That’s a painful number. What’s even more painful is the fact that termites are active here in Broken Arrow, and your home could be at risk. All a home needs to be attractive to termites is wood. When it comes to destroying homes termites are the best. When it comes to removing and deterring termites, we are the company for the job. Investing in year-round termite protection is worth not waking up to extensive and costly structural damages in your home. Let Dandi Guaranty provide that protection! Reach out to us today to get started today!


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