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termites in a tulsa home

What Not To Do About Termites On Your Tulsa Property

May 6, 2021

Did you know that termites cost American homeowners five million dollars a year? These “silent destroyers” are an expensive pest and a risk to your Tulsa property. The team at Dandi Guaranty wants you to know the top mistakes property owners make when tackling termites and tips on how to prevent termites before they happen to you.... Read More

bed bugs crawling on a boxspring

All The Ways You Could Be Wrong About Bed Bugs In Tulsa

May 4, 2021

It’s the stuff of nightmares. You, alone in your bed, being fed upon by insects while you sleep peacefully. But, that’s precisely what bed bugs will do if they invade your Tulsa home. Pest professionals have found bed bugs anywhere humans congregate. More and more pest professionals report that bed bugs might be the hardest bug to eradicate from homes.... Read More

a bed bug on a matress

What Causes Bed Bugs In Oklahoma City Homes?

April 28, 2021

As one of the most enjoyable cities to visit in the Midwest, Oklahoma City gets more than its fair share of visitors. While these travelers may stimulate the economy and add a layer of fun to our beloved OKC, many people don’t understand that the more tourists we get, the higher our chances of incurring bed bug problems in our homes will become.... Read More

fire ants swarming a tree limb

Why Ants Invade Oklahoma City Homes & What To Do About Them

April 22, 2021

The right action at the wrong time rarely does anybody any good. That’s why it won’t help you at all to wait until you have an ant problem to find out why these invasive pests are marching into your home in large groups. The more you learn about the ants that invade Oklahoma City homes, the more you’ll realize why preventing a problem before it happens is an absolute necessity.... Read More

a deer tick crawling on human skin

Tulsa's Quick Guide To Tick Bites

April 20, 2021

You don't always know when a tick bites you; some people can have ticks on them for hours and never realize it. The parasites can come and go without you ever knowing, but there may be consequences. If you're bit by a tick on Tulsa, you could become seriously ill. Check out this guide to tick bites and learn how to deal with them.... Read More

a cockroach infesttaion on a windows

Six Easy-To-Spot Signs Your Tulsa Home Has A Cockroach Problem

April 14, 2021

Although there are thousands of cockroaches in the world, there are two cockroaches that are the most prevalent in the United States. Both the German and the American cockroaches are home invaders that bring problems to homeowners. While American cockroaches are large and reddish-brown, German cockroaches are smaller and a lighter brown. ... Read More

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