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What Smells Will Keep Mosquitoes Away From My Tulsa Property? 

May 18, 2021

Mosquitoes can really make you miserable in Tulsa. They can also spread diseases when they bite you. Mosquitoes are a type of fly with one pair of wings, elongated spindly legs, and a long snout used as a tube. This tube inserts saliva into the person bitten to keep the blood flowing, then slurps up the blood. Only female mosquitoes bite people. Females need a blood meal to be able to lay eggs. ... Read More

aphids on the green leaf of a tulsa house plant

What To Do About Pests Ruining Your Trees & Shrubs In Tulsa 

May 12, 2021

Trees and shrubs in Tulsa are vulnerable to a number of pests. These pests can defoliate your plants and ruin their appearance. If there are enough of the pests, they can even kill your trees and shrubs. Since trees and shrubs add value to your garden and to your house, pests can really cause problems. ... Read More

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