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a tick inbedded in skin

4 Easy & Effective Tick Control Tips For Oklahoma City Yards

October 29, 2020

No matter which of the three you’re dealing with, you have a very good chance of also having to deal with any of the multiple diseases they carry. If a tick latches on to you, it could expose you to anything from Lyme disease (which can lead to skin irritations, numbness, and even memory loss) to Rocky Mountain spotted fever.... Read More

a mouse near a home

The Secret To Keeping Rodents Out Of Your Oklahoma City Home

October 27, 2020

There’s good news and bad news when it comes to having rodents in your home. The good news first: you'll seldom have both mice and rats in your home. They don’t necessarily coexist very well. Here’s the bad news: they’re detrimental to both your health and your house.... Read More

a bed bug on a white mattress

How Did Bed Bugs Get Into My Tulsa Home?

October 21, 2020

Bed bugs are tiny pests that live in your furniture and feed on you as you sleep. Yes, they fill up on your blood, just like a tick. While they might just be 5mm around, bed bugs make their presence known by being a nightly nuisance that travels in large packs.... Read More

a cockroach on a plate

Here's Why Cockroaches In Your Tulsa Home Are So Dangerous

October 15, 2020

You see, just because a roach enters your home doesn’t mean that residential properties are their preferred habitats. In fact, roaches much prefer living in places like sewers, dumpsters, and landfills, which makes them bacteria-covered disease carriers.... Read More

wolf spider in home

5 Simple & Effective Spider Prevention Tips For Tulsa Property Owners

October 7, 2020

Pest control is something that many Tulsa homeowners lean on. Our climate seems to be conducive to many different pests. From ants to armadillos and roaches to rodents, our Tulsa homes are nearly surrounded by all sorts of wildlife. But when it comes to spider webs, we just kind of let those go, right?... Read More

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