Why You Should Call The Professionals About Rodents In Your Tulsa Home

November 4, 2020

It seems insects and creatures exist to stress and frighten us. Most pests are unattractive and destructive. If they don’t wreck homes and businesses, they tear up personal belongings or make us sick. A wide array of specimens dispense germs that trigger illnesses in human beings. Any reasonable property owner would want critters, like rodents in Tulsa, gone.

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People tend to take to “do it yourself” tricks or commercial tools to combat pests. They figure they can do the job independently and save money at the same time. It’s assumed that’s it's a better alternative than bringing in a professional company. This is wrong for a number of reasons. Find out why you should call Dandi Guaranty instead of going solo!

What Rodents Are Common In Tulsa? What Are The Risks?

To begin to understand why Dandi Guaranty is needed, you have to know what you’re facing with local rodents. House mice and Norway rats are some of the species known in the region. The name kind of says it all with house mice. These vermin are prevalent in homes because they favor warm, sheltered spots with a lot of access to food like in cabinets, basements, structural voids and other areas that are dark and quiet is where they’ll fester. Dampness is a draw for them too. If your property is near a grassy or wooded location, stay vigilant. Their furry black, brown, or gray bodies are 7 inches long, with lighter shades on their stomachs. The hair they have is short.

Norway rats are even longer than house mice, being 15 inches long. Their scaly tails alone are 7 inches. While they also come in gray or brown, they’re furrier and have messy hair. Another similarity is that they thrive in woody spaces with high grass. These creatures make their way inside homes by digging burrows in lawns. Of course, this shreds landscaping. They have the easiest time with buildings that are shabby or not well constructed.

Indicators of a rodent infestation are:

  • Seeing these nocturnal pests in daylight

  • Finding their footprints and/or feces

  • Noticing oily swipe stains along your walls

  • Hearing noises behind walls, like scratching or squeaking

The primary dangers of rodents are property damage and the spread of disease. These animals file their teeth by chewing on all sorts of things, especially foundations and cords. When they gnaw on wires, it could start an electrical fire or lead to an outage. Rodents taint food and surfaces because they have parasites in their fur and harmful bacteria in their waste. Not to mention, they crawl around in gross settings. Leptospirosis, salmonella, and hantavirus are just a few of the conditions humans can contract.

How Can Rodents Be Prevented?

Take these actions to possibly stop rodents:

  • Seal holes around foundations, windows, doors, vents, and utilities

  • Repair moisture issues and leaks

  • Use airtight storage containers for food and garbage

  • Groom your lawn, and distance greenery from your property

  • Clean your gutters often 

  • Lessen clutter

What Can Dandi Guaranty Do About Rodents?

You absolutely shouldn’t try eliminating rodents on your own. Handling their bodies or their feces and urine could expose you to toxic microorganisms. In addition, the average trap or retail product won’t solve your problems. Rodents nest in hard to reach places, and traps have to be set strategically and they’ll do nothing to fix entry points or infestations. Do-it-yourself store merchandise usually has low effectiveness and could be hazardous to use. By reaching out to Dandi Guaranty, you’ll have reliability and extermination success. Our advanced solutions are custom-made to kill rodents and prevent future intrusions. They are safe for humans and pets. Our technicians are highly trained. Call today for a free inspection! 

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