Why Tulsa Homeowners Should Avoid DIY Bed Bug Solutions  

November 18, 2019

Some things are easy to do yourself. You can probably handle painting a wall in your house. And with enough tutorial videos you can probably fix that leaky faucet in your shower. However, some things are a little more dangerous to try yourself, like cutting your own bangs for the first time or trying to clear out a bed bug infestation! You may think pest control is possible without professionals, but calling a professional pest control service will save you time and money and you will get results that last. This is especially true when it comes to bed bugs. Keep reading to find out why.

a bed bug infesttaion within the linens of a tuls oklahoma home

Bed Bug Infestations

How do you know if you have a bed bug infestation? Your first clue might be waking up covered in itchy bites. Bed bug bites are small raised bumps. They often appear in a line or cluster and can be red and swollen. The itch can last for days. Bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed and are very good at hiding. However, even if you never see the bugs themselves, you may see signs of their presence, like shed skins or smears on sheets from their fecal matter or dribbled blood. If you have any of these signs, it’s time to act quickly and get rid of these pests.

Why Not DIY?

Do-it-yourself techniques are ineffective when it comes to bed bugs, so why do people keep trying? It may be because DIY sounds cheaper and easier. Plus, DIY means you don’t need to schedule an appointment or worry about the effects of harsh chemicals in your home. And if you can do-it-yourself, why not? The answer is because you actually can’t do-it-yourself, in this case.


DIY Bed Bug Control

Here are some common DIY methods for getting rid of bed bugs, and the reason they so often fail.

  • vacuuming
  • steam cleaning
  • washing clothing and bedding
  • cleaning with rubbing alcohol
  • using scented dryer sheets
  • warming your belongings with a hair dryer
  • using baking soda in carpets and furniture

The reason these methods fail is because none of them can reach every single bed bug in your home. Bed bugs are most effectively killed with heat, and a hair dryer or washing machine can’t get that hot. Baking soda and rubbing alcohol may eliminate some bed bugs, but unless you can target every location where bed bugs are hiding, they’ll continue multiplying just as fast as you can get rid of them.


Why DIY Isn’t Enough

As stated, it is impossible to get rid of every bed bug with DIY. If you miss a few bed bugs, they will quickly breed and start a whole new generation of pests to continue causing problems. Plus, while many DIY methods will deter mature bed bugs, few are effective enough to also eliminate eggs. This means that eventually they will hatch, and you’ll have a second infestation.


Dandi Guaranty

We at Dandi Guaranty know how to target the most important areas. We can find bed bug hiding places that you never knew existed, and we’ll target our treatment to these areas. Professional products can kill bed bugs in every stage of development so you have long-lasting respite from these itchy pests. Don’t bother with ineffective DIY, let Dandi Guaranty clear your Tulsa home of unwanted bed bugs.

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