Why Professional Pest Control Is A Must For Your Oklahoma City Business

December 30, 2020

We see it all the time: property owners who think that with a little elbow grease and homemade remedies, they can beat back or prevent a pest invasion all by themselves. The problem is that do-it-yourself methods often aren’t enough to truly address the issue, and the longer a pest infestation has to grow, the more problems it can cause to your bottom line. Learning why only professionals can offer true protection will help save your business from the worst side effects of a pest problem.

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Who Can We Help? 

No one type of business is immune to a pest infestation. In fact, many are considered hotspots thanks to all the people and activities within. At Dandi Guaranty, we’ve helped a wide variety of businesses address existing pest problems and prevent new ones from breaking out. If your facility is one of these kinds of businesses, we’re here to help:

  • Schools: Educational buildings not only generate a lot of food waste, but they also provide ample opportunities for pest populations to spread from household to household as infested items get introduced to classrooms and buses. 
  • Healthcare facilities: Hospitals and doctors' offices are another place where people from multiple households converge and help spread pests.
  • Offices: Office buildings of all kinds can be a target for pests, which benefit from the many storage areas and places to nest. 
  • Manufacturing hubs: Factories and industrial lots are also places where debris and structures provide pests with numerous areas to live. 

What Pests Can Do To Your Property

Once a pest population moves in, it doesn’t take long for the negative effects to start to show. Here are just some of the problems that pests can cause for you and your business:

  • Damage: Pests can chew through important and irreplaceable items and damage building materials. 
  • Health risks: Many kinds of pests are known to carry and spread harmful pathogens. Some pests are parasites themselves, feeding off of humans and pets. 
  • Income loss: As business owners flush money down the drain with unproven methods or buy pricey over-the-counter chemicals, it doesn’t take long for this to add up and affect revenues.
  • Damaged reputation: The other way pests cause you problems is by hurting business, either with fewer customers or from fines and closures enforced by inspection officials.

Professional Care Is Just Good Business

Because pests can cause so many problems, it’s important to deal with them quickly and effectively. That’s why unproven or DIY solutions are a waste of time and money. They often don’t work at all or only cover up the immediate signs of an infestation. Then, by the time you realize it didn’t work, more problems and loss of income have manifested. Rather than letting pests eat up your bottom line, choose the safe and effective route by partnering with your local pest professionals. At Dandi Guaranty, our proven pest control methods come with money-back guarantees and a sterling track record of helping businesses.

Partner With Dandi Guaranty For Full Protection

There’s a reason why pest services have stood the test of time: they work. Rather than expose your business to the harms of a pest population, or waste time and money with ineffective solutions, why not turn straight to the experts? At Dandi Guaranty, we can get started right away on an inspection of your property, no matter what kind of business you run. If problems are spotted, we’ll work with your budget and timeframe to implement prevention and control measures. It’s this kind of professional relationship that keeps businesses healthy and keeps pests managed.

Don’t wait for a pest problem to hit your business before you do something about it; stay protected with professional service from Dandi Guaranty.

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