Why Professional Ant Treatment Is Worth It

April 22, 2019

 When you think of ants, do checkered tablecloths and picnic baskets come to mind? Do you envision an orderly, little line of small, black ants winding their way into the basket, then back out, carrying various food items, like strawberries, crackers, and cheese, over their heads?

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For most of us, when ants come to mind, they don’t stir up terrible feelings. After all, they’re harmless little insects, right? Well, not necessarily. Ants can cause a variety of problems for people and, if they get into your home, professional ant treatment is well worth the cost.

The Problems Ants Cause

The types of problems that ants cause typically fall into three major categories, and they’re dependent on the type of ant you happen to be dealing with. There are many types of ants in Oklahoma, and each one has its own unique set of problems.

Nuisance Ants. The first category is the one in which most ants fit. Most ants are simply a nuisance. Like those mentioned above that climb into your picnic basket and steal your food, the majority of ants that get into your home are simply looking for food. Although they don’t cause harm, these ants are still a problem. They contaminate your food, and  are difficult to get rid of once they get inside.

Damaging Ants. The next category is for the ants that cause damage to property. Carpenter ants are the main culprit in this category. They chew tunnels and nests in wood and wooden structures. If carpenter ants get into your home, they can do serious damage to the support structures within your home, making it a dangerous place to live, and leaving you with costly repairs to be made.

Dangerous Ants. These are the ants that can hurt you or make you ill. Fire ants are in this category. If you accidentally step on a fire ant mound, you are in for an unpleasant surprise as hundreds of ants swarm and sting you. Pharaoh ants are dangerous, as well, due to the diseases they spread. These ants transmit a number of different pathogens that can sometimes cause serious illnesses.

Why Ants Are Difficult to Treat

When ants get into a home, most homeowners take a few different approaches to getting rid of them. Some simply kill the ones they see. Others set out ant traps or bait. Some people may try sprays. Unfortunately, these methods are usually not successful in eliminating the entire ant population. In fact, in some cases, these methods may even make the infestation worse.

When threatened, some ants split up to preserve themselves. This means that what was once one ant colony has now become two. In cases like this, instead of getting rid of the ants, the treatment actually makes the problem worse in the long run.

Why Professional Ant Treatment is Worth It

Because DIY treatments are often ineffective, can make a problem worse, and may be dangerous to the people and pets who occupy the home if not administered properly, professional ant treatment is the way to go.

The pest management professionals at Dandi Guaranty have the training and experience necessary to identify the type of ants that have invaded your home, to locate the origin of the colony, and to eliminate the ants in the best way possible. If you find yourself with an ant problem, give us a call.

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