Why Mice Are A Year-Round Problem In Oklahoma City

June 24, 2020

The toughest pest problems to deal with are the ones that can linger year-round and remain undetected for months. Rodents, like common house mice, are just this type of pest, and an infestation can increase your risk of illness and property damage. Knowing how to maintain your property to protect against these invaders, and how to spot the signs of mice activity, is crucial for prevention.

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Signs Of A Mouse Infestation

Mice themselves are tiny rodents with long tails and big, round ears. But they are very good at hiding from prying eyes, and they nest in areas of a property where you’re not likely to see them directly. It’s far more likely that you’ll find the aftermath of mice than spotting the rodents themselves:

Bite marks: All rodents have teeth that never stop growing, meaning they must constantly chew on hard surfaces to file them down. Those surfaces include just about any common household item you can think of, from clothing to electrical wiring.

Droppings: Mice aren’t domesticated, so they’ll leave their small, pellet-like feces behind as evidence that they’ve been foraging in the night.

Odor: Mice have no problems with rooting around in the trash and accumulating a lot of filth in their brooding areas. The buildup of this squalor can result in strong, musty odors that permeate a structure.

What Can A Few Mice Do?

Despite their small size, the problems that accompany a mouse infestation can be quite serious. Not only can a pest population mean property damage or unpleasant nuisances, but it can mean health risks, too:

Disease: Mice are well-known purveyors of diseases like rabies, which can be spread through bites or physical interaction. Other diseases can be spread from the germs that mice track around the house. Many are infested with ticks or fleas, which can also spread disease

Damage: As they incessantly chew on household surfaces, mice will leave behind unpleasant gnaw marks on wood, furniture, wires, and just about anything else they can fit in their mouths.

Population: Mice reproduce quicker than any other common invasive rodent species, and each mature mouse can have several litters of pups per year. A few little mice can quickly become an entire population.

Rodent Prevention For Your Property

Knowing the harm a rodent infestation can cause is important, but even more important is to take steps around your property to reduce the factors that attract them in the first place. Here’s what you can do:

Food storage: Mice will raid trash bins, cupboards, and pantries in search of food. While they can chew clean through many types of packaging, they can also survive on gathering tiny crumbs and morsels.

Clean & declutter: Mice thrive in areas where they can stay hidden, so cramped and crowded areas provide safe havens. Consider reducing clutter around your home or business and deep clean in often neglected areas.

Moisture control: Mice need water to survive, so they will seek out damp and dark areas where water pools or is readily available. Clean up spills and take care of plumbing leaks, in order to curb this. Proper ventilation and drainage is a must, as well.

Seek Help, Call The Pros

Even if you take all of the prevention steps outlined in this blog, you could still end up with a rodent infestation. There’s a reason everyone knows how commonly mice can invade properties. The most important thing you can do to keep up on prevention is to partner with local pest professionals. Only the experts know all the tips and tricks, and an inspection of your property can help determine whether pests are already there or soon to move in. If a pest problem is already plaguing your home or business, it’s important to act quickly.

Don’t expose your property to the dangers of a rodent infestation, contact Dandi Guaranty for total control and elimination.

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