Why Do I Have Fleas In My Tulsa, OK Home?

June 4, 2021

It's official: you’ve got fleas. Or at the very least, someone or something in your home has introduced them into your Tulsa, OK residence! You need answers and fast. Luckily, we’re exactly the right people for the job.

Here in Tulsa, OK pests are an everyday part of daily life. During the summer (or at the very least during the growing season), we are exposed to hundreds of pest species that are much less common during the winter. Fleas in particular do not require a specific temperature to survive and thrive in homes, but you will probably discover that they are quite a bit more active while temperatures sit above freezing conditions.

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What We Know About Fleas

Want to know something scary? There are over 2,500 different species of fleas hopping around Tulsa, OK backyards and gardens. Want to hear something less scary? Most of them aren’t going to be interested in infesting your home. The most common flea varieties that plague homes, humans, and their lovable companions are cat fleas, which are a different beast entirely.

Cat fleas are heavily reliant on human and pet populations, but that doesn’t mean they can’t make it on their own if they wanted to. Cat fleas can be found in many natural areas outdoors, including shady tree groves, tall grasses, and shrubby bushes that border a deer path or wildlife area. These fleas will steadily bide their time, and look for new victims to wander into their range. Using their powerful back legs, the fleas will then spring onto their host and use the victim's skin and body heat as a cozy place to raise their young. If you want to know exactly how flea infestations start, or how they get started inside residential homes, you’ll want to read on.

How Fleas Got Inside Your Home – You Can’t Blame The Cat!

You might know exactly why fleas decide to infest human homes, but do you know how they got inside in the first place? If you have pets that remain mostly indoors, you can probably make a fairly accurate guess.

Cats, dogs, and other furry mammals are a huge vehicle for flea populations finding their way indoors. Once inside, fleas can spread from pet to pet, and then look for new places to infest. Carpets, shag rugs, and other fuzzy items that appear similar to fur can keep a colony well hidden and insulated for many weeks. However, even homeowners without pets can get fleas. The answer? It’s from rodent infestations.

Here are a couple of ways to prevent your pets (or rodent pests) from tracking in fleas this summer.:

  • Keep your pets treated against flea activity year-round. Investigate oral, topical, or collar-based mitigation techniques.
  • Clear yard debris such as thick vegetation and tall grasses away from the sides of your home.
  • Deter all wildlife and rodent hosts from the yard by implementing good pest control habits. Get started by scheduling a quick and efficient home inspection as soon as possible. 

Fleas don’t belong in your Tulsa, OK home. Make sure they stay out with a little help from Dandi Guaranty.

When Fleas Bite, Dandi Guaranty Bites Back

Fleas can affect the occupants of your home in a big way. Not only are they well known for causing serious rashes and itchy skin patches on their victims, but they have been known to transmit pathogens that cause even healthy individuals to fall ill. Don’t let flea populations get the upper hand in your Tulsa, OK home or backyard.

Pull the situation together with Dandi Guaranty, your local expert in all things flea since 1959. Family owned and operated we are there to help you stop the cycle and start living again when you call our crew today at Dandi Guaranty. 

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