Why Call Dandi Guaranty If Rodents Have Invaded Your Home

February 5, 2019

Did you know that rodents have front incisors that never stop growing? It’s true. It’s also true that because of this, rodents live with a constant need to chew in order to keep their teeth filed to a reasonable length. For rodents such as squirrels, mice, and rats in the wild this isn’t a problem. However, when they decide to invade our homes and start chewing on things like our piping and interior wires rather than on fruits and seeds, they begin to pose more of a concern. This is just one of the reasons why you should call Dandi Guaranty if you find that rodents have invaded your home.

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Why a Rodent Could Be Attracted To Your Home

There are three things that attract rodents to homes: food, water, and harborage. For most homes, if rodents find a way inside, they can find these three things without any trouble at all. Storage areas of your home that are packed tight with boxes become like hotels for rodents. Your kitchen acts as an all-service buffet for rodents that can chew through cabinets and into boxes of stored foods. Finally, any leaky faucets or pipes (or perhaps a pet's water bowl) provide rodents with all they will ever need in terms of water.

How Rodents Get Inside

Because rodents are adept climbers, the only factor that limits how easily they can invade a home is their own size. Rodents such as mice have small bodies that when pushed to their limits can squeeze through holes the size of nickels. For larger rodents such as squirrels, they need a wider hole to invade, and they most commonly find this higher up towards your roofline. Some rodents will chew their way inside if they cannot find a hole big enough to squeeze through.

Evidence Rodents Leave Behind

When rodents invade homes, they leave a number of signs behind. For instance, rats leave grease streaks along baseboards. In addition, all rodents leave behind fecal matter everywhere they go and gnaw marks on anything they feel like chewing. If you have particularly dusty areas of your home, you may spot tiny paw prints. Follow these prints and you might find a hole rodents have chewed through, perhaps in the base of your wall.

Why Professional Exclusion Will Always Be Better Than DIY

With how fast rodents reproduce, and with how clever they can be at avoiding and outwitting traps, DIY methods can often be pointless. For this reason, Dandi offers a guaranteed solution. If you have rodents that have invaded your home, we are certain we have a plan that will work for you. Give us a call. We would be happy to help!

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