Why Ants Invade Oklahoma City Homes & What To Do About Them

April 22, 2021

The longer you live, the more you realize how important timing can be. The right action at the wrong time rarely does anybody any good. That’s why it won’t help you at all to wait until you have an ant problem to find out why these invasive pests are marching into your home in large groups. The more you learn about the ants that invade Oklahoma City homes, the more you’ll realize why preventing a problem before it happens is an absolute necessity.

fire ants swarming a tree limb

Invasive OKC Ants

While there are a variety of ants in the Oklahoma City area, the ones that you’ll most commonly find on your property are fire ants, black ants, pharaoh ants, and carpenter ants. If you get to know what attracts these pests and the harm they can cause, you’ll be ready to implement a proper prevention plan.
Fire ants are typically red or dark brown in color and remain outside as much as possible. Even though you’re only likely to run into them in the yard, their painful stings can be a health hazard to be reckoned with. When you or one of your children comes into contact with a nest, multiple stings can result in health concerns like anaphylactic shock.
Black ants may not be the biggest species of ants, but they can be the most problematic. While they aren’t much of a health threat, they’re some of the most invasive species of ants and will travel in large numbers. Once they know they can infiltrate your stored foods, you may be overrun quickly.
Carpenter ants are almost a half-inch long at the most, one of the largest ant species in the world. They love to nest in the wooden portions of a home’s foundation, and you never really know how many nests they’ve created. When left unchecked, carpenter ants can do severe damage to your home, over time.
Pharaoh ants are very small ants that travel in large groups, invading homes frequently to find a sustainable food source. They’re light brown or light red in color and can carry bacteria that can lead to dangerous diseases.

Preventing Ant Problems

Since even the largest of these ants is small and flexible, they’re very adept at finding ways onto your property and into your home. That’s why most of your prevention methods will fall short unless they actually focus on reducing what attracts ants onto your property.
For starters, limiting their ease of access could cause them to lose interest, as ants are simple creatures of opportunity. If they find that your screens are intact, your foundation doesn’t have any cracks or crevices, and the areas around your wiring/piping are sealed up, they’re likely to move on. Inside the house, you should work on limiting their sources of food with the following methods:

  • Store food promptly and properly in plastic, tightly secured containers.

  • Get rid of trash immediately using a trash receptacle with a secure lid.

  • Clean your home regularly, including the low-traffic, often-forgotten areas like within cupboards and under heavy appliances.

  • Take care of spills immediately, especially when a sugary drink is involved.

Our last tip for ant prevention is to keep in mind that all of these tips only lessen your chances of an ant infestation. Nothing can provide the guaranteed prevention you need to have an ant-free home except professional assistance. If you really want to keep ants out for good, give Dandi Guaranty a call today to take back your home from harmful ants.

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