What You Ought To Know About American Cockroaches In Oklahoma City

February 9, 2021

Out of all the cockroaches in Oklahoma City, the American cockroach is the most feared. It's one of the most common home-invading roaches and spares no one. How much do you know about these pests? Find out what you should know about this large cockroach.

american cockroach crawling on kitchen tile

American Cockroaches Aren't American

Contrary to popular belief, American cockroaches aren't actually from the U.S. Their name implies otherwise, but these cockroaches in Oklahoma City came from other countries. It's likely they traveled on boats from overseas, then established residence throughout the country. Origin aside, American cockroaches are now a problem for property owners in the area. They're one of the most common pests in Oklahoma and can cause significant problems for your household.

The Dangers Of American Cockroaches

American cockroaches aren't innocent pests. Instead, they're harmful creatures that spread diseases. They spend much of their time in alleyways and dumpsters, picking up pathogens as they search for food. The American cockroach carries those pathogens with them on leg barbs. As they walk throughout your home, these cockroaches can leave behind diseases. They contaminate your surfaces and your food. They can also trigger allergies in certain individuals.

Cockroaches Aren't Always Visible

Generally, people don't realize they have cockroaches until it's too late. It takes having a full-blown infestation for them to know that cockroaches are around. Fortunately, you can look out for warning signs of cockroaches.First, keep an eye out for smears on your walls and floors. Secondly, look for cockroach droppings. Finally, be on the lookout for shed skins or egg casings. If you see anything that makes you suspect a cockroach problem, call a pest control company.

You Can Prevent Cockroaches, But There's No Guarantee

It's a common misconception that preventing cockroaches is as easy as keeping a clean home. While it's true that cockroaches seek out dirty homes, they're also attracted to other factors. Even if you clean your home regularly, you could experience a cockroach infestation.
In addition to cleaning your home regularly, all of the following could help deter cockroaches:

  • Declutter Your Rooms: Cluttered properties have plenty of hiding spots for elusive American cockroaches. One of the easiest ways to keep cockroaches away is to declutter your property. Don't let junk and useless items accumulate, or you may be battling cockroaches.
  • Deep Clean Your Property: Every so often, give your home a detailed cleaning. Pull out your stove and refrigerator out, and clean behind it. Over time, crumbs accumulate in hard-to-reach places and attract cockroaches.
  • Store Food And Trash Properly: Unsealed food and trash provide unlimited resources to cockroaches. Store your food in containers with lids, and do the same with your trash. 
  • Fix Moisture Problems: Because American cockroaches need moisture to survive, they often seek out properties with moisture issues. Fix broken pipes and use a dehumidifier when necessary. Remember that cockroaches can survive for days with no water. 
  • Eliminate Entrances: Get rid of any potential cockroach entrances by sealing them up. Inspect your screens for holes, and check your walls for cracks.

DIY Attempts Don't Work

The biggest mistake you could make is to think that your efforts guarantee you immunity from cockroaches. Unfortunately, most DIY methods of roach control are ineffective. You can't take away all sources of food, or eliminate all potential cockroach entrances.
To truly protect your property, you need to work with a professional. Here at Dandi Guaranty, we know how to handle American cockroaches. At the first sign of these pests, give us a call. Whether you rely on us for prevention or elimination, you won't be disappointed.

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