What Tulsa Property Owners Need To Know About Overwintering Pests

December 17, 2020

Often, people only worry about pests when the weather is nice. During spring and summer, when we already want to be outdoors, it can be easier to do the things that help limit pest habitats and entry points onto your property. But it’s when the weather cools that many pests are at their most active in terms of invading properties. It’s important to address fall and winter pests before they move in, and learning how to spot the signs might just save you from an infestation that survives into the following year.

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Pests To Look Out For

Many pests are driven to find shelter inside of human structures and yards as a way to survive the winter. Not only do homes and businesses provide warmth and protection, but human activity and waste also provide pests with a bounty of food to grow fat off of, too. Here are just some of the most common overwintering pests to watch out for: 

  • Rodents: Mice and rats are warm-blooded creatures that have to hunker down somewhere warm once the weather cools. This makes them some of the most common pests to invade properties in the fall and winter.  
  • Insects: The category is as broad as it is common in terms of invasive pests. From ants to cockroaches to closet and pantry pests, insects are a big part of winter threats.
  • Spiders: As insects invade, their predators follow. Spiders can survive the winter thanks to a built-in anti-freeze system and they will thrive off other existing pest populations.

Problems Caused By Overwintering Pests 

No matter what kind of pest moves in, they can all pose some serious threats to your health and property. Avoiding pests populations isn’t just about saving you from a gross encounter, it’s about protecting from these side effects of an infestation: 

  • Damage: Pests that crawl and dig through walls can damage a wide variety of crucial building materials and electrical wires. Rodents and insects can chew through cloth fibers or leave marks on the wood.
  • Disease: All pests can carry harmful bacteria and viruses, and even those that aren’t carriers themselves can be infested with ticks and fleas that cause health hazards. 
  • Proliferation: Once a pest population moves in, it doesn’t take long for it to grow into a massive problem. From rodents to insects, pests breed often and in great numbers.

Staying On Top Of Prevention

Because the problems are so severe, the best way to address a pest problem is to take early steps that limit your exposure and the likelihood of an invasion. While only professional solutions provide guarantees, here are some helpful tips on steps you can take to reduce your risk of a winter pest infestation: 

  • Crack sealing: Even tiny holes or cracks in your exterior can provide pests with a way to dig or squeeze inside. Routinely check for these faults and make repairs. 
  • Food storage: Once they get in, pests quickly look for food sources. Not only should you store food in secure areas and containers, but you should also take care to address crumbs and traces in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Trash storage: The same is true of our garbage, which pests can survive on just the same. Bins should be securely lidded both indoors and out by the curb.

Professional Help From Dandi Guaranty 

With so many different kinds of pests that can be a problem during the winter, a time of year you’d rather be planning trips and holidays, the smart thing to do is to turn to the experts. At Dandi Guaranty, we offer routine inspections of all kinds of properties. This not only helps identify existing problems and trouble areas, it helps us tailor solutions to your property and budget.
Don’t let overwintering pests grow out of control, address the problem early with help from Dandi Guaranty. 

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