What To Do About Fleas In Your Tulsa Home

November 12, 2020

In Tulsa, there is a slew of spots that are ideal for outdoor fun. If you want to have a field day, relax in nature, go on a scenic walk, or have a romantic picnic, you can take your pick. Many residents are apprehensive about being in the “wild” though. The fact is, there are several armies of pests waiting to aggravate you. Some bite, while others sting or scratch. Unfortunately, being irritated isn’t the worst of it. A number of insects and creatures transmit illnesses. You might have to leave your sports game to go to the emergency room

a cat scratching its fleas

Fleas are bugs that suck blood and that can make humans and domestic animals ill. They can be linked to and held responsible for various critical plagues in history. These critters can become a big problem really fast, but the average homeowner doesn’t know how to beat them. Look no further than this article, with information on Dandi Guaranty’s applicable services.  

How Do Fleas Look And Operate? What Are The Risks?

As you probably know, fleas are extremely small. Their shiny, reddish-brown bodies are about 0.09 of an inch long. They might be compact and wingless, but that doesn’t mean they can’t reach heights. These bugs have the ability to jump great distances and tend to latch onto the fur of pets and/or the clothes of humans. Once they have successfully followed you inside your home, they’ll take over carpeting, fabrics, and pet belongings. Fleas will scavenge your property until they find a host to absorb blood from. It doesn’t matter if it’s a human, domestic animal, or a pest on your lands, like a rodent or squirrel.

Signs Of Infestation Are:

  • Continual scratching from a pet

  • Finding itchy and red bites on your body

  • Noticing pepper-like fecal matter on pet bedding and rugs 

  • Seeing eggs around furniture, carpets, floor gaps, and pet spaces

  • The presence of fleas can lead to the contraction of numerous conditions. One can develop parasitic bacterial diseases, tapeworms, and/or typhus. Bites can spark intense skin irritation or inflammation, and allergic reactions.

  • Homeowners with a severe infestation can wind up anemic, as there will be consistent blood withdrawal. Scratching your body bumps might tear your skin. Germs can get in the subsequent open cuts, spurring a secondary infection.

In natural settings, fleas are prevalent in woody, grassy, and highly vegetated areas, close to ditches and ponds. Areas that are moist, shady, or sandy will be rampant with these critters. In residential zones, the bugs will nestle beneath organic debris, rocks, shrubs, and porches. Breeding is easy for them indoors, despite them being primarily outdoor insects. Inspect second-hand furniture and rugs before you use them; a lot of people inadvertently invite fleas this way.

How Can You Prevent Fleas?

You Can Ward Off Fleas If You Take These Actions:

  • Trim your grass and greenery often 

  • Replace the soil around your property’s perimeter with gravel

  • Discuss flea treatment and prevention with your pet’s veterinarian

  • Routinely groom your animal, and examine their fur 

  • Regularly vacuum rugs and carpets

  • Call Dandi Guaranty if you have pests on your property that fleas will target

What Can Dandi Guaranty Do About Fleas?

The expert technicians at Dandi Guaranty have the skills and resources necessary to safely treat your home and exterminate fleas. Our products are industrial-grade and are much more effective than anything you could purchase at a store. As a customer, you’ll be able to take advantage of affordable and comprehensive plans, specialized services, guarantees, quick response times, emergency visits, and more. Call Dandi Guaranty today to receive a free inspection!

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