What To Do About Bed Bugs In Your Tulsa Home

March 3, 2021

While Tulsa homeowners know that bed bugs are unwelcome guests, there are still a lot of misconceptions about bed bugs, misconceptions which can lead to harmful health conditions. The more you learn about these home-invading night stalkers, the more you’ll realize why you don’t want to let them into your home.

bed bug infesttation on bed sheets

Hitchhikers Out For Blood

Bed bugs are one of the smallest home-invading pests in Tulsa, barely measuring five millimeters around at the most. They’re very slow-moving, so they wait until you’re asleep or in a sedentary position long enough for them to set up an attack. Then, they’ll suck on your blood through a feeding tube, resulting in red, itchy bumps on your skin.
You may wonder, if they move so slowly, how do they get in? Understanding how bed bugs enter your home is one of the most important factors in avoiding an infestation. Bed bugs may not travel fast, but they go all around the world by hitching rides on luggage at hotels, motels, and in transportation hubs like bus stations and airport terminals. People can also walk bed bugs right through their door after purchasing second-hand furniture. This includes office chairs, refrigerators, couches, mattresses, and more.

Eradication Errors

Most home and business owners don’t check these items before bringing them onto the property, and then they make another critical error: they try to deal with the infestation themselves. Many home and business owners think that do-it-yourself methods, home remedies, and store-bought sprays will get rid of a bed bug problem a lot more quickly and cheaply, but that’s another common bed bug misconception.

Trying to get rid of bed bugs on your own may result in prolonging the infestation. Once these pests enter a variety of furniture around your home, like mattresses, office chairs, and couch cushions, they’ll burrow beneath the surface. Since they typically lay eggs down there as well, sprays and vacuuming will not eradicate an entire infestation.

While these methods may end up eliminating the bed bugs on the surface, the rest of the colony will emerge in a couple of days to continue the cycle of sleepless nights. That’s why prolonged bed bug infestations can lead to skin damage (due to excessive scratching), insomnia, and anemia that can continue to plague residents even after the infestation is gone.

Guaranteed Results

There’s only one method of bed bug eradication that gets rid of these pests on the first try, and it only comes with professional assistance. Since your DIY methods won’t get the entire infestation, you’ll have to keep going to the store and keep buying the knock-off solutions. By the time you factor in all of the time and aggravation, not to mention health risks, it’s actually cheaper to trust the pros right away.
At Dandi Guaranty, our bed bug treatments are designed to penetrate to the heart of the infestation. Plus, our professional pest technicians, armed with the best equipment and years of experience, know how to identify the various signs of infestation around your house, guaranteeing that they’ll treat every bed bug and get rid of your home pest problem for good. Would you rather spend more money and more time on store-bought remedies while your health is at risk, or go with the more cost-effective method of one professional treatment that is backed by our satisfaction guarantee? Make the right choice. Contact Dandi Guaranty at the first sign of bed bugs.

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