What Oklahoma Property Owners Need To Know About Do-It-Yourself Fire Ant Control

September 10, 2020

Not all pest infestations are equal in terms of the amount of danger they pose to you and your property. Some pests, like ants, are most often considered nuisances (a pain to have to deal with but not particularly dangerous). But do you know about the more serious ant infestations that can pose greater risks? Are you doing all you can to stay protected?

fire ants on a patio

What Are Fire Ants?

Fire ants are some of the most serious pests to have on your property. That’s because these tiny critters can sting pets and people, piling up many painful welts in a short amount of time as they protect their territory. Fire ants are discernable from other ant varieties by the following traits:

  • Color: They get their name from their red appearance (and their firey stings). Most other invasive ant species are darker in color, typically brown or black.
  • Size: Despite being a bigger danger, fire ants are actually smaller than common house ants. They are typically only a few millimeters in length.
  • Behavior: Fire ants don’t forage around for food as much as other invasive ants. That’s because fire ants are omnivores that eat plant matter and other insects, so they can find everything they need to eat outdoors. However, they are extremely territorial, and a colony can quickly number in the millions if left unchecked.

Fire Ants: Worse Than Other Ant Populations

While most ants are relatively harmless, fire ants pose a direct hazard to people’s health. While people often mistake their punctures for bites, fire ants are actually capable of stinging people, releasing a venom through their rear stingers that produces an incredibly painful burning sensation. Not only can these stings quickly pile up if someone is unlucky enough to disturb a colony and get swarmed, but some people can have dangerous allergic reactions to their stings. To make matters worse, fire ant colonies are far more resistant than other ant varieties to pesticides and extermination attempts. Improperly dealing with a fire ant colony can cause a single population to “bud” into multiple mature colonies, doubling or even tripling the severity of an infestation.

Why You Shouldn’t Try DIY

People see tiny insects and assume that they will be able to handle the problem on their own. The problem with fire ants, however, is that the price for incorrect treatment is much higher than mere nuisance pests. Here are methods to avoid if you’re going to stay safe from fire ant stings or worsening problems:

  • Mound-tipping: Fire ants don’t build mounds, per se. They prefer to tunnel straight down into loose, dry soil. People try to stomp through these tunnels or dig them up with shovels. Neither is a good idea. A swarm of angry fire ants is not something you want to encounter.
  • Flooding: Because they are subterranean, people think they can flush fire ants out by sticking a hose down into their tunnels and flooding the system. While this will undoubtedly kill hundreds of ants, it won’t actually eliminate the problem. Furthermore, it can cause a single colony to split into several.
  • Store-bought products: Ant baits and traps that work on other varieties don’t work on fire ants. For one, they aren’t attracted to the same kinds of food sources. For another, fire ants will respond to ineffective solutions by breeding in even greater numbers.

True Fire Ant Control From Dandi Guaranty

With fire ants, it’s best to turn to the pros for prevention and elimination. At Dandi Guaranty, our staff can provide more prevention tips and methods to avoid. Our experts can also get started right away on an inspection of your property, which can help determine your level of risk with fire ants. If problems are spotted, you can count on our solutions to properly and completely get rid of the problem, not make it worse. Don’t bother with DIY methods, for total fire ant control, contact Dandi Guaranty.

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