What Every Tulsa Property Owner Ought To Know About American Cockroaches

December 15, 2020

Cockroaches are some of the nastiest, most durable pests around. Not only are they incredibly difficult to get rid of, they can introduce harmful disease and damage to your property. Only through early prevention and partnerships with professionals can you hope to avoid a cockroach infestation.

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What Are American Cockroaches? 

The largest cockroach in the world is the American cockroach, frequently growing several inches in length. The species isn’t actually native to the American continent, however, they were first introduced from Africa via shipping routes hundreds of years ago. Still, they have absolutely thrived off of urban America. They rely on the food and shelter that human activity provides them and their reputation as hardy survivors is well-earned. They can flatten their bodies to squeeze into tight spaces and survive being stepped on. They have even developed resistance to common over-the-counter pesticides. To make matters worse, a small cockroach problem can quickly grow out of control, as they breed quickly. The longer any number of cockroaches are around, the more likely they are to cause serious problems.

What Problems Do Cockroaches Cause? 

Cockroaches aren’t just hard to kill, they are dangerous insects that can cause direct harm to you and your property. Here are just some of the problems that cockroaches are known to cause:

  • Damage: With their chewing and nesting, they can damage insulation in the walls and even chew through the wallpaper. With their greasy, germ-riddled bodies, they leave streaking stains on surfaces.
  • Disease: Cockroaches are known to spread many harmful diseases, including plague and salmonella. They can also carry fleas and other parasites that also pose health risks.
  • Odor: Cockroaches leave behind nasty droppings and skin sheds that quickly create foul odors. As they tend to hang out in walls and vents, these smells can quickly spread throughout a structure.

How Do You Prevent Cockroaches?

Because they can be so tough to eliminate, the best way to handle cockroaches is to prevent them from invading in the first place. Here are some simple steps you can take around your property to reduce your risk of an American cockroach infestation: 

  • Address food: Cockroaches can survive on scraps, so even small crumbs or traces of food left in the dark corners of a property can attract them. They will also attack stored food sources, chewing through weak packaging. 
  • Trash storage: The same goes for the food we throw away -- cockroaches don’t care what we call “trash.” Store waste in secure, lidded containers both inside and outdoors.
  • Crack sealing: Routinely checking for cracks or holes, fixing them wherever necessary, will prevent cockroaches from squeezing through these areas and gaining access. 
  • Moisture control: Cockroaches are especially attracted to moist or humid areas, making certain parts of a property a magnet for them to nest in. Address leaks and ensure proper ventilation in problem areas. 

Professional Protection From Dandi Guaranty

The smart thing to do when it comes to cockroach control is to turn to the professionals. At Dandi Guaranty, our trained staff can provide you with even more tips on how to spot and prevent cockroach populations. We’ll get started right away on an inspection of your property, helping you identify your risk of a cockroach infestation. We’ll work with your budget and schedule to take on whatever prevention or elimination solutions you require. Even after the work is complete, we’ll follow up to make sure that cockroaches are never a problem in the future.
Don’t try to handle it or your own or wait for a cockroach problem to grow out of hand, contact Dandi Guaranty today for ultimate American cockroach protection. 

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