Tulsa’s Complete Guide To Effective Black Widow Control

September 8, 2020

While some people are appropriately terrified of spiders, most of the ones that you spot around your property are pretty harmless. They eat other bugs and tend to keep to themselves. However, some spider infestations are worse than others, and knowing how to tell dangerous spiders apart from nuisance spiders may just put you a step ahead of problematic spider encounters.

black widow spider crawling on her web

What Are Black Widows & Where Do They Hide?

Black widows are one of the two most dangerous spiders in North America, based on their venom toxicity. However, they don’t tend to hang out around people, and these nocturnal predators aren’t usually roaming about during the daytime anyway. Here are places you’re most likely to find black widows:

  • Wood & leaf piles: Black widows like woody, dark areas, so discarded yard debris or woodpiles provide them with hiding places they cannot pass up.
  • Exterior nooks & crannies: When people find black widows around their buildings, it’s usually underneath porches and balconies, or within the dark corners of roof gutters.
  • Webs: Black widow nests are found in the above areas, but their feeding webs -- the ones they use to snare bugs for later consumption -- can be found just about anywhere.

Dangerous Bites & Symptoms

Black widow spider bites may be rare, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t worry about them. Aside from the equally common brown recluse, the black widow has the most dangerous bite that you’re likely to come across in terms of common invasive spiders. Most spider bites result in itchy welts, but black widow bites can result in all of the following serious symptoms:

  • Nausea & dizziness: The heightened blood pressure that results from a black widow bite, and our bodies’ natural reactions to poison, can cause people to feel dizzy and sick to their stomachs. 
  • Muscle spasms & weakness: A black widow’s venom is designed to paralyze its prey so they can be packaged and stored for later consumption. While a bite won’t immobilize a person the same way it does a tiny insect, the compound will cause twitching or weakness.
  • Hospital trips: While some people have worse symptoms than others, it’s best to not risk the worsening effects of a black widow bite. If you’re bitten or suspect that you were bitten, seek medical attention immediately.

Spider Prevention Tips

Preventing black widows and other spiders from invading your property is about limiting the entire pest food chain that spiders eat. Arachnids are near the top of the bug world’s predator list, so they are mostly attracted to areas where prey can found in abundance. All of the following are ways to reduce spider populations and the bugs that they feed on:

  • Crack sealing: Regularly inspecting the exterior of your home or business for signs of cracks or faults is a good step to take. Make repairs were necessary and don’t underestimate how big a tiny crack will be for a tiny bug.
  • Wood storage: With spiders and black widows specifically, it’s important to keep woodpiles and other debris away from the structures on your property. Doing so will keep their likely nesting grounds well away from access points.
  • Professional inspection & treatment: With tiny insects, even large and dangerous spiders, the surest way to get peace of mind is through regular inspections and treatments by pest professionals.

True Protection Comes From The Pros

While easy and low-cost prevention can put you a step ahead of potential infestations, only professional-grade solutions can provide total protection from black widows and other pests. At Dandi Guaranty, we specialize in inspecting and treating properties so that spiders are never an issue.

Don’t wait for a black widow to bite you or a loved one, get started on proper prevention and extermination today.

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