Tulsa Property Owners' Guide To Effective Termite Control

August 21, 2021

Termites are small, ant-like insects that consume the cellulose material found in wood and other goods, including books, various paper products, and some plant-made items. Termites do benefit the natural environment by assisting with the decomposition of dead trees and debris, which then enhances the fertility of soils. Termites do not pose a direct threat to human health, but they invade wooden structures that exist within homes and businesses, and cause billions of dollars in property damage each year.

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When & Where Will Termites Invade

It is estimated that roughly 50 different species of termites exist throughout the U.S. The majority of the termites found in Oklahoma are subterranean, meaning they create underground nests. Subterranean termite nests are large social colonies consisting of members that are separated into castes as workers, soldiers, and reproductive members. 
When they attack a wooden part of an above-ground structure, they typically create tunnels commonly referred to as mud tubes that allow access back and forth from the below-ground nest, and afford them some degree of protection from predators. Termites are particularly drawn to wood that has been water damaged; therefore, it is important for property owners to address plumbing leaks and keep gutters and downspouts clear to route water away from the foundation. 
In many cases, property owners fail to notice termite infestations until significant damage has occurred, because they consume the wood from its interior first. Also, termite damage is rarely covered by insurance policies. For these reasons, it is critical to promptly consult with a licensed pest controller after initially discovering a problem with termites. 
During the spring months, winged termites (alates) congregate in swarms at the beginning of the mating season. These reproductive members of the colony are sometimes mistaken for flying ants. Swarming termites have a body that is noticeably smaller than flying ants, and have straight, rather than bent, antennae.

Signs Of A Potential Termite Infestation 

  • Walls may sound hollow when knocked on, and floors may become very creaky when walked on.

  • Interior walls and ceilings may appear as water damaged, discolored, or deformed.

  • Windows or doors may become increasingly difficult to open and close from shifts in adjacent areas of eroded wood.

  • Look for the presence of mud tubes that the termites create, typically found running along exterior areas near the foundation.

  • You might notice small piles of wings that the swarming termites eventually shed.

Why Seeking Assistance From A Licensed Professional Is Critical

Online retailers and local home-improvement stores are now promoting a host of do-it-yourself treatment options that are marketed using exaggerated claims of being a quick and easy solution to termite-related concerns. Many of these products, including foams, powders, and sprays, can only produce minimal results that fail to completely eradicate the colony and create further frustration. The best course of action is to speak with experienced pest extermination professionals. 
Dandi Guaranty has been authorized to operate the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System that has proven to thoroughly oust these foraging pests, and prevent them from returning. This industry-leading system uses strategically placed bait stations that are monitored for any evidence of termite activity. 

Professional Provider Of Pest Control Solutions In Tulsa

Did you know that Dandi Guaranty is a family-owned company that has been solving pest-related problems for residential and commercial customers in Tulsa since 1959? Part of our longevity is attributed to providing the highest quality service. In addition to termites, we safely and efficiently expel bed bugs, rodents, cockroaches, and many other troublesome and potentially dangerous pests. 
Our organization stands behind the quality of our work with a pest-free guarantee that ensures customer satisfaction. Contact our office today to schedule an onsite inspection and estimate. 

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