Tulsa Homeowners Guide To A Pest-Free Thanksgiving

November 25, 2019

Thanksgiving is a beautiful holiday—a day when you express gratitude for the wonderful things in your life—your family, your friends, and everything that makes you feel happy and loved. Although having family over to celebrate this holiday is always uplifting, there is also the risk there may be something lurking in the dark, waiting to pounce. The fall season is also the time of year when major pest problems can occur.

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While pest activity is at its highest during the spring and summer, some pests are even more active during the fall. As temperatures drop and food sources become scarce, pests will begin to seek out places like your house to set up nests for the incoming winter. Warmth and food can attract all kinds of dangerous pests to your Tulsa home.

Common Pest Problems During Thanksgiving

Three pests that are especially common at this time of year are rodents, cockroaches, and bed bugs. Rodents will be attracted to your home for a few reasons, the most notable being heat. Once you crank up that heater, nearby rodents will take notice. Any crack, hole, or opening that lets out the warm inside air can attract rodents. These pests are both a big nuisance and a threat. They contaminate food, dirty up your house, and spread dangerous diseases. 
Cockroaches will start appearing if your house gets dirty. Given the busy schedule around the holidays and the increased amount of food during Thanksgiving, it’s easy for that to happen. A few dirty counters or food stored improperly will begin to attract cockroaches. These pests contaminate food and can spread deadly diseases. They’re highly resilient and are hard to get rid of once they invade.
Bed bugs are a whole other beast to tackle. Once friends and family start coming by and your house has more traffic than usual, the likelihood of bed bugs invading grows. These pests cling to all kinds of fabric and then settle down in your home once they arrive, multiplying rapidly. They then come out at night to feed on you and your family when you’re sleeping. While they are not dangerous, they are a considerable nuisance and carry a social stigma. One mention of bed bugs in your house and people suddenly stop coming by.

Prevention Tips For Fall Pests In Tulsa

Don’t let these pests crash your Thanksgiving festivities. Use these prevention tips to keep pests out of your home during the holidays.

  • Inspect your house for any cracks, holes, openings, or other entry points. Seal them immediately. Pests can make their way inside and start wreaking havoc.
  • Keep your counters clean and store food properly. If pests have access to food, they’ll keep coming back.
  • Check for water damage, leaks, and moisture around the home. Fix any leaks and use dehumidifiers to reduce moisture in the air. Some pests are attracted to moisture and water.
  • Vacuum frequently, including carpets and furniture. Empty the vacuum outdoors. Bed bugs can crawl out of vacuum bags and get back into your house if you don’t empty the bag outside.
  • Mow your lawn and trim shrubs and tree branches away from the sides of your house. Rodents can hide in tall grass and jump onto your home using branches.

Year-Round Pest Control In Tulsa

Prevention is always helpful, but year-round pest control is a more effective, time-saving option. Dandi Guaranty offers three different year-round pest control plans at an affordable rate. All our programs come with guaranteed services, coverage for 20+ pests, and installation of the Sentricon® System with Always Active™ for termite control. Reach out today to start a pest-free life!

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