Three Fast & Helpful Facts Tulsa Residents May Not Know About Mosquitoes

June 12, 2020

As temperatures become more comfortable and tolerable, people want to get outside. Tulsa residents might hit the parks for a field day, or head to a pool for a swim. They might want to host a barbecue, birthday party, or gathering in their yard or at an exterior venue. Many will have their weddings and receptions outdoors. There’s a threat to everyone’s good time though, and that’s mosquitoes

a mosquito landing on a puddle

Mosquitoes are annoying. These flying insects swarm around incessantly, looking to bite you and drink up your blood. As a parting gift, they’ll leave itchy, red bumps all over your body. If that isn’t bad enough, they can spread diseases, munching on one person after another. These three facts will help you understand these pests better, so you’ll know how to ward them off. Plus, you’ll learn how Dandi Guaranty can kill them dead for you.

1. Mosquitoes Suck Your Blood to Reproduce

Female mosquitoes are the ones that suck human and animal blood. Your fluid assists them in their egg development. Males typically stick to feeding on nectar and water. Water is also an obliging agent in reproduction for them, which is why they gravitate to standing pots of it. Tulsa homes and businesses near ponds, swamps, lakes and rivers have to deal with these bugs the most.

Mosquitoes absorbing blood from multiple people and creatures is what makes them lethal. If they bite you, the following could happen:

  • Experiencing skin irritation: While a few individuals will have just mild skin agitation, others might have intense inflammation or swelling.

  • Contraction of West Nile virus: West Nile virus is one of the main illnesses mosquitoes transmit in the U.S. They usually pick it up from the birds they come in contact with. The average person won’t exhibit symptoms of this potentially fatal condition. However, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, and rash are signs of it.

  • Having Zika virus: This disease is similar to West Nile virus and yellow fever. There often aren’t physical indicators with this either, but look out for red eyes, joint pain, and fever. Should a pregnant woman catch Zika, their unborn child may have a birth defect.

2. Mosquitoes Are Attracted To Some People More Than Others

Humans release natural chemicals and emissions that mosquitoes are particularly drawn to. Additionally, there are things you can ingest or wear that will make you a target:

  • Blood type; we give off substances that reveal our chemistry. Several scientific studies imply that mosquitoes prefer Type O blood. 

  • Body temperature; these insects like our warmth. 

  • Sweat consists of alluring ammonia and acids that drive these bugs wild.

  • Alcohol content

  • The blood and hormones of pregnant women

  • Wearing dark colors; shades like blue and black make it easier for mosquitoes to see you.

3. Professional Treatments Are Required To Kill Mosquitoes

Methods people use to keep mosquitoes away include:

  • Burning essential oil candles

  • Setting mosquito traps 

  • Removing standing water, such as a pet bowl

  • Spraying pesticides on their lawn

  • Trimming greenery

These tactics tend to be temporarily effective only. In some cases, these approaches can worsen the problem. Take candles, for instance. Essential oils have repellent elements, but the heat and carbon monoxide from the candles are a mosquito magnet. As for commercial insecticides, they’re frequently too strong or too weak. They might ruin your yard, or not work at all.

If you really want mosquitoes gone, you need to call Dandi Guaranty. Our fogs, liquids, traps, and other products are industrial-grade. They’re also safe for vegetation, humans, and pets. Our services come with warranties and guarantees so your investment will be protected. Guard your fun! Get a free inspection today!

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