The Trick To Keeping Roaches Out Of Your Tulsa Home

January 20, 2021

We all know that roaches are nasty. Something about them just seems to make us naturally afraid. However, what you don’t know about roaches can make you even more fearful of them. The more you learn about roaches, the more you’ll want to find out how to keep them out of your house for good. Let’s take a look some of the many problems roaches cause, as well as what you can do to keep them out of your Tulsa home.

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Health Hazards And Home Damage

Unfortunately, roaches are more than just disgusting; they are also a severe hazard to your health. Since they enjoy spending time in sewers, landfills, dumpsters, and other dirty spots, they pick up a number of dangerous bacteria. When they enter your home, they’ll spread this bacteria to your meal preparation surfaces, your stored food items, and more. Also, they secrete a pathogen as they move around, causing allergic reactions in many adults and children.
Along with health risks, they also endanger your property. They’ll quickly overrun your stored food supplies, and their pathogen will also turn your walls yellow. Along with creating a musty odor within your walls in the event of a severe infestation, roaches can quickly turn a comfortable home into a highly contaminated and stressful environment.

Keeping Cockroaches Out

Once they’re in your home, they can be incredibly difficult to get rid of. Their strong and flexible exoskeletons allow them to squeeze through even the smallest cracks and crevices in order to escape from danger and make it into other areas of your home. This also makes them very hard to keep out of your house. 
Your best chance of preventing a roach infestation, therefore, is to reduce the factors that attract them into the home in the first place. Activities for limiting roach attraction include:
1. Deep cleaning: roaches can live off very little food, so policing your crumbs is important. You’ll want to vacuum and mop regularly, along with wiping down counters and tables after meals. Don’t forget about the neglected areas as well (under kitchen counters, behind kitchen appliances, and underneath furniture).  
2. Decluttering: an open, well-organized room is intimidating to roaches. However, clutter provides cover and confidence to these home-invaders. Picking up items off the floor can help limit roach attraction to these areas.
3. Monitoring potential entry points: any cracks and crevices in your home’s foundation could allow for potential roach entry. You can seal these up with silicone-based caulking. Plus, you’ll want to add caulking around windowsills, along with new weatherstripping to exterior doors.
4. Addressing moisture issues: since roaches love damp, humid environments, you’ll likely spot them in bathrooms, basements, and behind kitchen appliances. In order to address moisture issues around your home, you’ll want to start in the yard. A well-manicured lawn can help reduce moisture buildup that attracts roaches on to the property. Inside your house, you’ll want to use a dehumidifier in your basements and crawl spaces, along with monitoring your pipes for leaks.
5. Proper food and trash storage: since roaches can live off of the slightest crumbs, you’ll want to ensure they don’t have easy access to a food source within your house. Store your leftover food right after meals in plastic containers with tightly secured lids. You’ll also want to make sure your trash can is not easily accessible. Keep in mind that leaving food on the counter or even in the sink overnight is a great way to attract roaches quickly.

Call Dandi Guarantee for Effective Cockroach Treatment

Unfortunately, you can get all this right and still end up with a problem. If roaches want to invade your home, they’ll most likely find a way to get in. Sometimes, if you want guaranteed results, you have to put your trust in the pros. Contact Dandi Guaranty for the best form of cockroach control today.

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