The Secret To Keeping Scorpions Away From Your Tulsa Property

April 7, 2021

One of the most intimidating pests in Tulsa is the scorpion. And while scorpions may not be as dangerous as they look, they're not a pest you want to have around. Find out the one thing you can do to keep scorpions away from your property.

What Scorpions Live In Tulsa?

Although there are about five types of scorpions that call Oklahoma home, there's one scorpion in Tulsa that's much more common than the rest: the bark scorpion. It's a small flat scorpion that turns its tail flat when it hides, and it’s the most likely species to invade your home.
The sting of a bark scorpion doesn't usually require medical attention. For most people, it just causes some pain and irritation. The creature stings in self-defense, and most stings are accidents or caused by people trying to remove scorpions without professional help.
If a young child or elderly individual receives a scorpion sting, they should seek medical attention. They tend to be more at risk from the venom and could experience health complications.

Tips For Scorpion Prevention

There are a few things you can do to protect your home from these intimidating pests in Tulsa. Follow these tips to make your property less appealing to scorpions.

Remove Harborages

All of the local scorpions prefer to live outdoors. While outside, they live under stones, boards, and debris piles. If you take away those harborages, your property won't be as appealing to scorpions. Thoroughly inspect your yard for potential hiding spots, and remove the debris as necessary. To avoid a sting, wear gloves as you move debris.

Prune Shrubs And Trees

Bark scorpions are named for their habit of hiding in the bark of trees. They also enjoy hiding in lush vegetation, which could make your yard a great place for scorpions to live. If you want to remove scorpion hiding spots, you need to maintain your yard. Prune your shrubs and trees in a way that exposes the trunk and ground surrounding the plant. When you're done, clean up all the debris.

Remove Excess Leaf Litter

Scorpions love hiding in leaf litter, so one of the easiest ways to protect your property from scorpions is to clear out the leaf litter. While you're at it, you should consider removing mulch and other organic debris. Even though you might like how it looks, the organic matter could attract scorpions.

Check And Seal Entry Points

You probably would prefer it if scorpions remained outside, and fortunately, you can have some control over this matter. Check your building for potential entry points, such as gaps around your plumbing and electrical wires. Use sealant or another appropriate material to seal them up. Your windows, doors, and screens could also be potential entrances. If your screens don't fit tightly enough or have rips, replace them with new screens. Your doors or windows may need weather stripping.

Keep Other Pests Out

If you have other insects in your home, scorpions may be tempted to enter and prey on those insects. For that reason, scorpion prevention may depend on controlling other pest populations. Start by sealing up all the food in your pantry and using garbage cans with lids. After meals, clean your kitchen and dining area. Every few months, do a deep clean to remove crumbs from under your refrigerator and oven.

The Secret To Keeping Scorpions Out

There's only one truly effective way to keep scorpions away from your property. By working with an experienced pest control company, you can receive ongoing protection. Here at Dandi Guaranty, we want to make your home a scorpion-free zone. Call us now for immediate advice or assistance with your scorpion issue.

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