The Secret To Keeping Rodents Out Of Your Oklahoma City Home

October 27, 2020

Sometimes in life, assumptions can be our downfall. Believing whole-heartedly that something is true without doing any research is a dangerous game. When people consider enlisting pest control services, they probably think about mosquito fans and roach spray. They might think about ants crawling all over their kitchen counter. But do they think about calling pest control when they see a mouse or a rat? No. They assume they can capture them with traps or kill them with poison...but we know what happens when we assume.

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OKC Rodent Problems

There’s good news and bad news when it comes to having rodents in your home. The good news first: you'll seldom have both mice and rats in your home. They don’t necessarily coexist very well. Here’s the bad news: they’re detrimental to both your health and your house.

Mice and rats are both known disease carriers since they love hanging out in landfills and sewers. As they crawl around, they’ll transfer the bacteria they carry on to your furniture and your pets. Even their droppings, which they’ll leave in the corners of rooms and in drawers/boxes, can spread bacteria.

Along with bacterial infection, rodents will do actual damage to your home. Mice have incredibly sharp teeth that they’ll use to chew through anything that could lead them to food or water. They’ll ruin linens, carpets, walls, and even wires. Rats are even worse on the wiring, chewing through wiring or insulation frequently as they scurry around your basement and crawl spaces.

Preventing Mice And Rats

So how can you tell the difference between a mouse infestation and a rat infestation? And which is easier to get rid of? Mice are typically off-white or light brown and just 3 to 6 inches long, including the tail. Their size and rapid rate of reproduction, however, makes them very hard to keep out and get rid of. They’ll squeeze through very small openings and chew their way through anything too small to squeeze through. And if you see a few mice around, you’ll have dozens more within your walls very quickly.

Rats are very prolific as well. With large grey bodies measuring up to 9 inches long, even without including the tail (yikes), they’ll create a huge, problematic presence in your house. They’ll reproduce at high rates and leave bacteria-ridden droppings (usually the size of a grain of rice) laying around, putting your pets and children at risk. If you think you can use traps and poison, you might be able to get a few of them. However, taking care of one or two at a time does you no good when there could be so many reproducing within your walls.

Since they’re so tough to get rid of with home remedies, prevention is key. However, that’s pretty tough to do on your own as well. Sealing up entry points is your best bet against mice, but seal them up well since mice can squeeze into some tiny spaces. Weather-stripping the bottom of your doors is an absolute must.

As far as rats go, their intelligence allows them to find plenty of ways in. However, they’re very aware (and skittish) of changes in their environment. If you move around your lawn decorations and landscaping items every week or two, it might spook them into moving onto another property. If these methods prove ineffective (and there's no promise that they won't), your only guarantee is to go with the professionals. For total rodent control and peace of mind knowing you and your family are safe, contact Dandi Guaranty today.

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