The Problems Fire Ants Can Cause On Your Tulsa Property

April 6, 2021

Most people in Tulsa are aware of the dangers that come with wasps and other stinging pests, but not everyone is aware of the genuine dangers that come with fire ants. If you have a fire ant nest on your property, you can expect to experience a long list of problems. Learn more about what to expect when fire ants take over your property.

fire ants on a patio

Do You Even Have Fire Ants?

Before you learn about the issues that come with fire ant infestations, you should find out if you even have fire ants. It's easy to misidentify ants in Tulsa because there are so many species that are similar in appearance. Although there are physical differences between fire ants and other ants, it often takes an expert to tell them apart.

That said, fire ants have a few telltale signs. Most fire ants have reddish-brown heads and a black rear end. All fire ants have a stinger that can deliver venom into your body. Typically, people only know they have fire ants because they are stung by one or more of these Tulsa pests.

The Dangers Of Fire Ants In Tulsa

The venom of fire ants isn't something to ignore. If you have an allergic reaction to the venom, you could go into anaphylactic shock. Mild reactions also occur and are highly unpleasant.
Even if you're not allergic to fire ants, you can expect an unpleasant experience. Fire ant stings are painful, regardless of your pain tolerance. They're also annoying and often itch for days after an encounter. At night, the stings could keep you from sleeping. And the more stings you have, the more uncomfortable you will be. 
When fire ants sense a threat, they do whatever it takes to protect their colony. And that means attacking you or someone else until you leave the area. Most stings occur accidentally when someone walks on a nest or uncovers one while doing yard work. Despite your lack of bad intentions, disrupting a fire ant nest will always end badly.

The Challenges With Fire Ant Removal

Once you have fire ants, you won't find it easy to get rid of them. The large size of fire ant colonies makes it nearly impossible to eliminate every ant. When you kill a queen, another one moves into the area. Unfortunately, fire ant elimination is a job best left to the experts. 
There are several DIY methods of fire ant elimination. However, none of the techniques are completely effective. Certain methods are merely myths that don't do anything to resolve your problem. Other methods work at eliminating some ants, but not all of them.
When you leave ants remaining, they reproduce and rebuild. It's only a matter of time before they continue to expand their colony, and these colonies can extend for miles. You could have a network of fire ants that extends throughout your neighbors' properties.

Removing Fire Ants Safely And Quickly

One of the biggest issues of dealing with fire ants on your own is safety. If you disrupt a colony and are attacked, you put your safety on the line. Working with harsh chemicals is also a danger to your health, so store-bought ant removal products also place you at risk.
There's only one safe and effective method of eliminating fire ants - relying on a team of professionals. Here at Dandi Guaranty, our professionals understand how difficult it can be to eliminate fire ant colonies. They have extensive experience getting rid of fire ants and access to all the right resources. Contact us to learn more about how we can help.

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