The Most Effective Way To Keep Ticks & Fleas Out Of Your Tulsa Yard

September 24, 2020

Your Tulsa yard can be the perfect setting for relaxation or recreation. Depending on the size of the land, you could have a romantic picnic, host a volleyball game, or invite folks over for a barbecue. At the very least, you could pull up a chair and read your favorite book. What often deters people from indulging in these activities are outdoor pests. Some are just annoying while others are dangerous. For example, blood-sucking mosquitoes are considered the most lethal animals in the world because they transmit diseases. Ticks and fleas are capable of doing the same.

flea in pet hair

Ticks and fleas are troublesome because they frequently go undetected. These tiny insects sneakily latch onto human clothes or animal fur and then find a place to attach and get a blood meal. You can spare yourself and/or a pet this distress by learning how to keep ticks and fleas away.

How Do Ticks & Fleas Behave? What Are The Risks?

When they’re full of blood, ticks are around 2/5 of an inch long. Their six to eight-legged bodies come in many colors. The most common way they get inside a property is from being on a domestic or intrusive animal. If it’s not by way of a pet, it can be from a pest such as a raccoon or a rodent. These bugs are known to bother cats, dogs, and livestock. Ticks are carriers of over 15 illnesses. This includes viruses and Lyme disease which impacts the nervous system.

Fleas are 1/3 of an inch long. Their reddish-brown bodies are glossy, compact, and wingless. While they don’t fly, they can jump far and wide. While an animal is out and about, these insects will leap onto them and inhabit their fur. Once the pet is indoors, the fleas will fall off in their sleeping areas. They’ll also go to humans and other surrounding critters, like squirrels and wildlife. Like ticks, fleas feed on blood. They can spread parasitic bacterial diseases, typhus, and tapeworms. Additionally, their bites can cause allergic reactions and skin inflammation. Key infestation signs are:

  • A pet that’s always scratching itself
  • Developing itchy body bumps 
  • Having pepper-like specs on pet bedding and carpets (flea feces called flea dirt)
  • Seeing flea eggs on rugs, furniture, and animal beds

How Can Ticks & Fleas Be Prevented?

If you exercise proper lawn care and interior cleaning routines, having a tick and flea problem will be less likely:

  • Trim your lawn, bushes, and greenery. These insects flourish around unkempt yards. 
  • Use gravel near your perimeter.
  • Have a talk with a veterinarian about preventive care and treatments for your pet. 
  • Perform regular pet fur inspections and grooming. 
  • Vacuum rugs and carpets frequently.
  • Call Dandi Guaranty if you have other relevant pest issues.

What Can Dandi Guaranty Do About Ticks & Fleas?

Ticks and fleas are hard to control and/or eliminate because of their size, volume, and hiding spots. From structural cracks to laundry, they could literally be anywhere. You could wear yourself and your wallet out trying to kill each one, but your pet will be suffering in the process. Skip all the turmoil and time-wasting, and call Dandi Guaranty.

Since 1959, we’ve been exterminating ticks, fleas, and other nuisance and dangerous pests. Our treatment products are comprehensive, industrial-grade, and 100% safe. We’ll discuss our techniques with you and offer useful recommendations so a future issue won’t arise. You can have confidence in your investment with us as we have plans that come with affordable pricing and guarantees. Schedule a free inspection when you contact us today!

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