Spiders In The Winter: What Oklahoma Residents Should Know

December 23, 2020

Not every kind of creepy crawler has to find shelter from the cold in order to survive the winter. Spiders, for instance, are able to withstand the freezing temperatures and stay quite active during the cold months of the year. That doesn’t mean they won’t come inside, however, as they are driven in to feed on other pests that might be hiding inside. We’ll teach you how you can defend against spiders during the winter and avoid infestations.

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How Spiders Survive The Winter

Did you know that spiders have a built-in anti-freeze system? While they are cold-blooded creatures, a spider’s blood contains compounds that allow it to circulate and avoid freezing even in extreme cold. This not only helps them to survive the winter; they actually thrive then while other cold-blooded pests would normally be less active. Because of this, they don’t seek shelter indoors for warmth, but rather in pursuit of the other kinds of pests that they feed on. Like ants, cockroaches, and other insects find ways to hunker down for the season, spiders follow them inside to hunt.

Spiders Follow Their Prey

Because spiders only come inside for one reason — food — they are often the first sign of a larger pest infestation. Often, spider populations have always been around, they are just more noticeable now because they’ve grown in size and number thanks to other pests concentrated on one property. As such, it’s important to know the places where spiders might enter and where they often like to hang out:

  • Wood: Many spiders prefer woody environments, like piles of debris or within bushes and foliage.
  • Darkness: Spiders tend to rest and stay hidden during the day, so their nests are often found in dark areas where sunlight doesn’t penetrate. 
  • Cracks & holes: Tiny insects can squeeze through small holes and cracks, and spiders can follow suit in search of a meal.
  • Corners: Even if you don’t spot spiders themselves, you’ll definitely spot the numerous hunting webs that they leave in the corners of ceilings and roofs. Light fixtures and beams are another frequent anchor point for their webs. 

Keeping Spiders And Other Pests Out

In order to prevent spider populations, you really need to act on a whole host of potential pest problems before they even occur. If you limit their food supply, spiders are far less likely to bother trying to find a way onto your property. Here are some steps to take to keep all kinds of pests away: 

  • Landscaping: Trees or other vegetation that run right along or up to structures can provide pests with avenues to get close — close enough to find a way in. Keep plants trimmed back for this reason. 
  • Food storage: Spiders don’t forage for scraps but the pests they hunt sure do. Store food in secure places and containers and frequently clean up wayward crumbs and spills.
  • Trash storage: Your garbage is another place where foraging pests can find an easy meal. Make sure your trash is stored in secure and well-lidded bins. 
  • Doors & windows: Spiders and their prey can easily crawl in through a torn window screen or gap under a door. Install and maintain screens and door sweeps to block up these access points. 

Spider Prevention Is A Tall Order

With so much to have to contend with in order to truly control spiders and other pests, the prudent step is to hire local experts to handle all this for you. At Dandi Guaranty, our friendly staff can get started on an inspection of your property right away, determining your level of risk to spiders and other pests that might be hiding. If an infestation is spotted, you can count on our solutions to not only get rid of the problem but make sure it doesn't come right back. 

Don’t let spiders turn your property into a place to hide and hunt; contact Dandi Guaranty today. 

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