Six Easy-To-Spot Signs Your Tulsa Home Has A Cockroach Problem

April 14, 2021

Although there are thousands of cockroaches in the world, there are two cockroaches that are the most prevalent in the United States. Both the German and the American cockroaches are home invaders that bring problems to homeowners. While American cockroaches are large and reddish-brown, German cockroaches are smaller and a lighter brown. 

a cockroach infesttaion on a windows

Sadly, most individuals don't realize they have cockroaches until the issue is out of control. Learn the six signs of an infestation in your Tulsa home and call for professional help before the infestation gets you or someone you love ill.

1. Cockroach Droppings

Cockroaches in Tulsa eat just about anything, and they eat all day long. Because they eat so much, cockroaches leave behind an abundance of droppings. Although cockroach droppings are small, they can be seen without a microscope. The droppings resemble coffee grounds or flecks of black pepper.

2. Smear Stains

In humid areas, cockroaches often leave behind brown streaks. At first, you might not realize that the smears on your wall are from cockroaches. But if there's no other explanation, you could have cockroaches. Just look for dark and irregular smears on the surfaces in your bathroom and basement. The smears won't appear in rooms that have low roach activity or in rooms with low humidity.

3. A Foul Smell

Most people associate cockroaches with filth, and they're not wrong. In addition to thriving in dirty environments, cockroaches also make your home dirtier. These Tulsa pests have pheromones in their droppings that are as unusual as they are unpleasant. 
Although other cockroaches are attracted to these pheromones, the scent sends most people running in the opposite direction. If you notice a musty odor coming from an area of your home, check for other signs of cockroaches. There could be an infestation happening behind your walls or under your sink.

4. Egg Capsules

You could be looking at a cockroach egg capsule without even knowing it. Although they vary in color and appearance based on the species, most cockroach eggs look like some type of colored seed pod. The capsules are often brown or reddish-brown.
Instead of laying one egg at a time, cockroaches lay multiple eggs inside one capsule. Also known as oothecae, these capsules could hold up to 30 baby cockroaches. Once cockroaches begin reproducing in your home, they grow their population exponentially.

5. Shed Skins

 Before a cockroach reaches adulthood, it goes through several life stages. To make it to a mature stage, a cockroach needs to molt its skin. Most roaches molt between five and eight times in one lifetime, so you shouldn't be surprised to find shed skins if you have a cockroach infestation.

6. Damage To Your Property

Cockroaches might not be renowned for their ability to cause property damage. However, that doesn't mean they're innocent. If they get into your pantry, cockroaches might chew on your cardboard boxes. They can also stain some of your sentimental photos or clothing with their droppings.
When you find unexpected damage, you can assume that a pest is a culprit. Even if you're not sure a cockroach did the damage, you should call a pest control technician for assistance. They can determine whether or not you have roaches and how to proceed.

Do You See Signs Of Cockroaches?

Whether you see evidence of cockroaches or you see an actual cockroach, you should act quickly. Waiting too long to deal with the infestation puts your household in danger. The best thing to do is call Dandi Guaranty the moment you suspect cockroaches are in your home. Reach out to us today to learn more!

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