Signs of Having Mice in My Tulsa Home  

September 25, 2019

With fall approaching, the importance of knowing signs of the presence of mice in your Tulsa home increases. If you know the signs to look for you can catch the problem early and get rid of the mice before they begin nesting and having babies in your home. You can also stop them before they cause too much damage or make your family sick. Taking steps to prevent mice from getting in in the first place is important, as well. At Dandi Guaranty Pest Solutions & Termite Protection, we can help you keep your home rodent-free through the fall and year-round.

a house mouse munching on walnuts and corn on a tulsa oklahoma kitchen cabinet

Signs Of Mice In Your Tulsa Home

There are several tell-tale signs that you have mice residing in your Tulsa home. The most obvious sign is spotting little mice running around the base of your kitchen cabinets or peeking out from under the couch while you are enjoying family time. Sometimes they don’t show themselves by boldly announcing their presence.

Here are some more subtle signs that you have mice:

  • Droppings in your kitchen drawers, under sinks, or anywhere that resembles a tiny piece of black rice - think pointed at the ends and fuller in the middle

  • Chewed or torn food packages in your pantry or cabinets that you can’t explain.

  • Odd bits of insulation that are out of place, including the insulation inside your stove.

  • Unexplained small holes in walls or doors that look chewed.

  • The sound of scratching or running between your walls or in your ceiling.

  • Smelly or chewed holiday decorations, or other items that have been stored in attics or basements.

  • Flickering lights or buzzing from your wires (indicating they may have been chewed).


Things You Can Do To Prevent Mice

DIY methods of catching mice can be futile. Mice are smart and evade traps and bait meant to catch them. Keeping them out is the ultimate goal.

There are a few steps you can take to prevent mice from getting in:

  • Seal small holes, cracks, or openings around wires with steel wool or foam insulation.

  • Install door sweeps and keep screens in good repair.

  • Don’t leave food out, including pet food.

  • Vacuum and clean up often to keep other pests away.

  • Reduce the clutter in your storage spaces

Dandi Guaranty In Tulsa Can Help With Mice

At Dandi Guaranty, we offer several year-round pest protection plans for homeowners in Tulsa. Our quarterly visits keep mice and other pests out of your home. You can request service by visiting our ‘contact us’ page on our website, or by calling (918) 228-3767. We are happy to help you keep your Tulsa home free from rodents this fall.

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