Protect Your Tulsa Commercial Property From Pest Birds

August 30, 2019

Birds that threaten residential and commercial properties are called pest birds. The most common pest birds in our area include grackles, pigeons, sparrows, and blackbirds. These birds are commonly found around rural areas with plenty of potential food sources. Pest birds will feed on almost anything—birdseed, garbage, and sometimes animal carcasses.

a flock of pigeon perched on a cemented rooftop edge along a commercial building in tulsa oklahoma

Problems Pest Birds Cause

There are many problems nuisance birds can create on your Tulsa commercial property. These birds may damage equipment, contaminate products, and disturb customers. The biggest issue pest birds cause to both home and business properties comes from their droppings. Not only do droppings make your property unsightly, but they also carry several harmful bacteria and fungal components. Salmonella and histoplasmosis are two infections that can be spread through contact with bird fecal matter.

Pest Bird Prevention Tips

When you want to prevent nuisance birds from taking up residence around your Tulsa commercial property, it’s important to make roosting and nesting areas inaccessible or uncomfortable. A few prevention methods to try include:

  • Filling in wall voids, nooks, and other crevices that could be used for nesting

  • Sloping common resting areas

  • Using bird spikes or other devices to prevent landing

  • Sealing waste containers

Why Professional Pest Control is a Must

Keeping pest birds away isn’t an easy task, especially when many common prevention methods don’t work. Conventional scare tactics, such as balloons, fake owls, and plastic snakes rarely work for long. Many species of birds are clever and will learn how to avoid any prevention methods implemented around your Tulsa business. With professional pest bird control services from Dandi Guaranty, you can keep nuisance birds away from your commercial building for good!

When you need commercial or residential pest control services, we can provide a solution for all your pest problems. With our experienced, reliable, and committed team of pest professionals, you can rest assured knowing your property is protected year-round. Reach out to Dandi Guaranty to keep your Tulsa property 100% pest-free.

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