Oklahoma City’s Step-By-Step Guide To Effective Spider Control

June 30, 2020

Spiders aren’t just gross and creepy pests, they are also a sign of other pest populations that may have moved onto your property. While spiders themselves are most often harmless, you’ll save you and your loved ones from a fright by keeping up on prevention and control measures.

spider weaving a web

Identifying House Spiders

Most invasive spider species aren’t dangerous to people or pets. While they prey on bugs of all kinds, most spiders will leave bigger creatures, including people, alone. However, spiders of all kinds can bite and leave behind annoying webs. Knowing what varieties can actually be dangerous is important for staying protected:

Yellow orb weavers: Known for the bright yellow markings on their tops, these spiders spin spherical webs and are especially common in gardens or near exterior light fixtures.

Tarantulas: The largest invasive spider, these pests thrive in the arid, dry climate found in Oklahoma and all over the Western United States. You can pick them out by their large size, brown color, and furry bodies and legs.

Black widows: One of the most venomous spiders, the black widow is spotted by the vivid hourglass markings on its belly. If bitten, you will need to seek medical attention immediately.

Interior Pest Prevention

Spiders often only come indoors when other pests are already inside. As such, total pest prevention is as important as preventing the spiders themselves. Here are steps you can take to prevent spider populations:

Food storage: Spiders aren’t interested in what’s in the pantry or fridge, but the bugs they feed on certainly are. Make sure to seal food in sturdy packaging, and clean up spills and crumbs, even in hard-to-reach areas.

Trash storage: Just as important as the food you’re going to eat is the food you already ate. In other words, be mindful of where you store your trash -- tightly bag and bin your waste to curb pest problems.

Moisture control: Bugs of all kinds like damp, humid areas where moisture and water vapor build up. Proper pipe maintenance, drainage, and room ventilation are crucial for prevention.

Exterior Pest Prevention

Taking the measures inside your home or business can curb the factors that attract pests, but it’s also important to reduce points of entry into your building. All of the following can help keep spiders and their prey out:

Crack sealing: It’s a good idea to regularly inspect the exterior of your building for cracks, holes, or warping wood. Check the walls, foundations, and roof shingles of your home, making repairs where needed.

Door sweeps & window screens: Bugs of all kinds frequently make it inside via the space between a door and the threshold, as well as holes in window screens or weather stripping. Screen replacements and proper door sweep installation can help protect these areas from invasion.

Lawn maintenance: Like most bug populations, spider infestations often start outdoors and then creep inside for a variety of reasons. That means you need to take measures to make your lawn less attractive, too. Keep grass, bushes, and trees trimmed down to shorter lengths. Especially important is to keep vegetation and soil beds away from the building.

There Are No Guarantees, Seek Help From Dandi Guaranty

With so much to have to stay on top of and watch out for, even responsible property owners can find themselves with spider infestations, or pest populations that might attract spiders to come near. Rather than go it alone, turn to the professionals. At Dandi Guaranty, our experts can provide you with more prevention tips, and peace-of-mind inspections to help determine your level of risk. If pests or the signs of them are found, act quickly to control the problem -- turn to Dandi Guaranty.

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