Oklahoma City's Helpful Guide To Termite Control 

March 25, 2021

While many homeowners understand that termites are unwanted guests on their property, there are a lot of misconceptions about the subterranean termites that most commonly invade OKC homes. The damage that these termites can do is well-documented, but many homeowners don’t understand that expensive damage can be avoided in a majority of cases.

a cluster of termites infesting a home

Seeing The Signs 

Subterranean termites are one of the most common termite species in the United States. Unfortunately, they’re also one of the most destructive termite species in the world. They prefer to live in damp soil and crawl just under the surface in search of their favorite food: damp or rotting wood. 
Subterranean termites can do about $3,000 worth of damage to a home... if they are allowed to work for 18 months. While this seems like a long time, subterranean termites are actually the most efficient out of all the termite species. 
If you could see termites working, chewing away at the insides of your home, then it wouldn’t be much of a problem. You would see them at work and then do something about them, quickly. However, in reality, it is next to impossible to tell if you have an infestation. They’ll tunnel under the soil, unseen, and make their way into the wood of your home, still unseen, where they can silently eat away, causing damage, for months or years, undetected. 
Even though you can’t see worker termites on the job, you may be able to spot other signs of subterranean termite activity if you know what to look for. Here are a few things you can keep an eye or an ear out for to recognize a subterranean termite infestation:

  • Swarmers (winged termites) 

  • Mud tubes near the ground on outdoor walls

  • Clicking noises in the walls 

  • Tightening around doors and windows

If you do recognize these signs, it’s time to call the pros. None of the do-it-yourself eradication methods the Internet can guarantee to get rid of an entire termite infestation. Plus, allowing the infestation to linger in areas that you might not have noticed could lead to costly damage.

Proper Prevention Techniques 

Just because you can’t get rid of termites doesn’t mean you shouldn't try to avoid them. Since termites are largely attracted to moist, rotting wood, preventing the wood of your home from being damaged by excess moisture can help. Here are some of the most effective ways to manage moisture issues on your property:

  • Use a dehumidifier in basements and crawl spaces. 

  • Expel rain runoff away from the house with gutters and downspouts. 

  • Monitor pipes for leaks. 

  • Maintain the lawn regularly.

  • Remove wood-based materials from your lawn, including cardboard, leaf piles, logs, and sticks.

While these methods are effective in reducing termite attraction for your property, they’re most effective when combined with other methods such as limiting soil-to-wood contact and storing firewood away from the house. Firewood should always be covered and stored off of the ground at least 20 feet from the house. And limit soil-to-wood contact with a buffer of pine straw, gravel, or rubber mulch. An ideal width for this buffer is anywhere between 12 and 18 inches. 
Keep in mind that there are no guaranteed methods of termite prevention apart from professional solutions for your Oklahoma City property. The best way to protect your property from subterranean termites is with professional assistance - Dandi Guaranty. 
Instead of wasting your time and money on home remedies and store-bought sprays, go with the choice that gives you the assurance of a termite-free home. Give Dandy Guaranty a call today to find out how our certified termite traps can make potential termite damage a thing of the past. 

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