Oklahoma City Property Owners’ Complete Guide To Bed Bug Season

July 30, 2020

While some pests are certainly more active during particular seasons, the biggest misconception that people have about proper pest prevention is that you only have to worry about it during certain times of the year. Pests, like bed bugs, specifically seek shelter indoors because it helps them to thrive longer in controlled environments, shielded from the elements. Here’s what you need to know to stay protected from bed bugs year-round.

a bed bug on human skin

When Are Bed Bugs A Problem?

Bed bugs indeed spread during warm summer months. Most insect populations boom in hotter, humid climates, and breeding cycles hit their peak by late spring. However, by their very nature, bed bugs are parasites, benefiting from the homes and bodies of people and large animals. If they get inside, bed bug populations can quickly grow out of control, and the protection from the cold fall and winter that your property provides can help them survive all year long.

Where Do You Find Bed Bugs?

You probably already know that bed bugs get their name from their habit of nesting inside mattresses and feeding on people while sleeping. But do you know all the other common places you’ll find bed bugs?

  • Clothing: Bed bugs can cling to garments or articles of clothing, either as they hitchhike from one place to the next or because they’ve made a nest inside a closet. Fabrics provide bed bugs with plenty to cling to and lie in wait for feedings.

  • Furniture: Bed bugs will infest fabrics and upholstery. Couches, chairs, footstools, and cushions are common areas for finding bed bugs or their peppery eggs.

  • Curtains: Just as with clothing, bed bugs can hide in the folds of drapes and curtains. While these areas tend to be too bright for the nocturnal parasites, the undersides or crannies of long cloth curtains can provide a home for bed bugs.

Why At-Home Methods Usually Fail

It’s only natural to want to find a cheap, at-home solution you can use to get rid of a pest infestation. The problem with DIY methods is that they often don’t work completely, and mostly provide a false sense of security. They simply mask the signs of an infestation rather than eliminate it.

With bed bugs, specifically, this can be a big problem. They go through many distinct life cycles, from egg to nymph to adult, and home remedies or untested chemicals often won’t kill bed bugs in every stage of development. Bed bugs can survive for weeks without feeding, and they are good at hiding from view. They can wait out an ineffective elimination attempt, coming back in full force as soon as you let your guard down.

All of the following are ineffective methods of bed bug elimination:

  • Heating: The internet likes to throw around unproven methods, like heat application, as “easy, cheap solutions” for bed bug control. While blasting a hairdryer on a few bed bugs will probably kill a few pests, this will not eradicate an infestation. It’s also a fire hazard. 

  • Bug bombs: Bed bugs insulate themselves from many kinds of chemicals that would kill other insects. By burrowing deep into cushions or fabrics, bed bugs and their eggs can stay safe from many products that claim to kill every kind of household pest.

  • Skin creams: While there are products that can make people less attractive to bed bugs looking for skin to bite, these methods only protect from bites and won’t eliminate the problem.

True Protection From Dandi Guaranty

Rather than have to sweat all the details that can help you spot a bed bug infestation, turn to the professionals who can give peace-of-mind inspections of your property. At Dandi Guaranty, our expert staff can provide you with prevention tips. If bed bugs or their signs are spotted, we can act quickly to remove the problem completely — and make sure it doesn’t come back.

For total, year-round protection from bed bugs, contact Dandi Guaranty.

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