How To Prepare Oklahoma Yards Against Summer Fleas And Ticks

March 28, 2019

a black legged deer tick prowling along the leaf in an oklahoma yard

Everyone has at least one friend that will always remind them to watch out for fleas and ticks before they go anywhere remotely outdoors. You may feel that this vigilance about tiny fleas and ticks is a little over the top, but that is only because they know the dangers and troubles that these small pests pose. With flea and tick season quickly approaching, it’s now Dandi’s turn to be that friend that says, watch out for fleas and ticks!

Seasonality for Fleas and Ticks 

According to the American Kennel Club, flea and tick season here in Oklahoma starts in March and goes through December, depending on the weather. That means that for 9 months out of the year fleas and ticks will be in our yards, on animals, or even invading our homes. Are you prepared?

Why It’s Time to Prepare

As flea and tick season has already begun, there is no better time than now to begin prevention. This can be done in a number of ways, but not first without a little knowledge of how fleas and ticks invade homes.
Unlike other pests, it is uncommon for fleas and ticks to invade our homes on their own. Instead, these small blood-sucking pests need some sort of a lift. This could be anything from your pet to your pant leg.
Keeping this fact in mind, the best way you can avoid bringing fleas and ticks into your home is by following these steps:

  • Talk to your vet about flea and tick treatments for your pets as, most often, fleas and ticks use our pets to hitchhike into our homes.
  • Be vigilant to check your clothing before coming indoors after being outside, especially if you have been walking through long grass.
  • Because ticks prefer to hide in tall grass, keep your yard well mowed. This will give pests like ticks fewer places to hide on your property.

Benefits of Professional Flea and Tick Control 

If fleas and ticks still find a way to invade and infest your home, despite your efforts to keep them away, your next step should be to call your friends here at Dandi. We understand the frustration that fleas and ticks bring when they have invaded a home, and we are ready with the tools needed to get them out of yours before they cause you too much stress. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an inspection for your home, don’t be afraid to contact us at any time. Dandi is here to help!

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