How To Prepare For Peak Bed Bug Season In Tulsa

August 7, 2019

a bed bug crawling along the bare back skin of a tulsa oklahoma resident in the dark of the night while sleeping

No matter where we live, the common truth is none of us want to deal with a bed bug infestation. And if you are wondering why bed bugs are still a problem here in Oklahoma now that fall is just around the corner, you are not alone. With other places in America, summer pests begin to slow down or die off as colder weather approaches, but in Tulsa, our temperatures stay warm late into fall. 
In addition to the perfect weather conditions, bed bugs also have the advantage of being able to survive very hot and cold temperatures. As many Tulsa residents return from summer vacations and our students return to school, bed bugs are able to spread and populations are at their highest for the year.

How to Lower Your Risk For Bed Bug Infestations

While bed bugs are not known for transmitting any serious illnesses or contaminating food sources, they are still a major problem for many homeowners across Oklahoma. Often, it can be hard to recognize when your home has been invaded unless your infestation has already become a large issue. Understanding the signs of a bed bug infestation—such as blood stains on your bed sheets, rows of bite marks on your skin, and tiny white eggs in the creases of fabric—can help catch an infestation early so you can notify a pest control provider. But the better solution is to not let bed bugs infest your Tulsa home in the first place. With a knowledge of how bed bugs invade, you will be better able to keep them out.

  • With children returning to school, there is a high chance that some students may bring bed bugs to school with them. Check your children’s school bags and belongings for bed bugs when they return from school each day.
    Inform your children about bed bugs and advise them to keep their belongings away from other students’ backpacks and book bags.
  • If you’re considering purchasing used furniture, it is important to inspect all items thoroughly for signs of bed bugs before moving them into your home.
  • Routine cleaning and vacuuming can help reduce the chances that hitchhiking bed bugs will be able to lay eggs and infest your property.
  • If you plan to travel at the end of summer, keep an eye out for bed bugs in hotels, public transportation, public libraries, and airports.

Each one of these tips is beneficial for Tulsa homeowners who want to mitigate their risk of a bed bug infestation. But if bed bugs have already made it into your home, it's time to reach out to the pest professionals here at Dandi Guaranty. We provide effective treatments and services for pests in Tulsa, including bed bugs. Reach out to Dandi today if bed bugs are creating issues in your home this season.

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