How Dangerous Is It To Have Fire Ants On My Tulsa, OK Property?

June 9, 2021

We talk a lot about the different kinds of ants found here in Tulsa, OK from carpenter ants to pavement ants to everything in between. But we just can’t talk enough about these dangerous backyard beasts which could be endangering the safety of your Tulsa, OK home for years to come. 

fire ants on wood in the summer

Fire Ants IN Tulsa, OK

If you have lived around Tulsa, OK for even a short amount of time, you are no doubt familiar with the sight of a fire ant colony hidden in the grass or gardens of your lawn. Fire ants are some of the most recognizable ant species in the world, thanks to their painful bites, stings, and aggressive behavior. Like many other types of ants, fire ants build large colonies lead by a queen located by accessible food or water. Their sensitive bodies and antennas are built to expertly hunt down and secure food items, from nearby insects or aphid secretions to the spilled soda you left on your backyard patio.

Not sure if you would know a fire ant when you saw one? Keep your eyes peeled for:

  • Ants with color patterns of red, light brown, or rusty orange
  • Ants with a highly identifiable copper head and darker tinted abdomen
  • Ants that construct large colonies nearby or around the edges of gardens and lawns

Fire ants are becoming an increasing concern to Tulsa, OK residents, partially because of their uptick in reproduction, but also because of the dangerous health implications, they cause in their victims. 

Just How Dangerous Are Fire Ants In Tulsa, OK Anyway?

Fire ant species can do serious damage to people, pets, and their property, all without breaking a sweat. Some types of fire ants spray a type of acid that burns or discolors the skin. Another species of fire ants is well known for its ability to inject poison through its stingers. Other species use their large mandibles to bite and tear at human flesh. Regardless of how they do it, fire ants can quickly penetrate the skin and cause their victims’ serious pain or even allergic reactions. If bad enough, fire ants may cause someone to go into anaphylactic shock, requiring immediate medical attention.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to fire ants and their many dangers. Beyond the physical implications of their presence, fire ants can be further problematic in how they decolonize and disperse after an attack, which only swells their numbers. Boiling water, gasoline, and even over-the-counter pesticides will not affect these insects.

All of the above reasons, coupled with a lack of homeowners insurance coverage in the case of significant damage, all serve to prove just how bad it is to keep fire ants around your Tulsa, OK property. Need an inspection fast? Book an appointment with Dandi Guaranty for a home inspection!

Dandi Guaranty Won’t Let Them Get Away With It

You might be able to handle fire ants on an infrequent basis or even discourage an encroaching colony to move away from your property. However, you will be no match for the pressure and stress that a full-blown fire ant infestation can cause around your Tulsa, OK home.

Dandi Guaranty promises to be one of the best and most efficient professional agencies for quality ant control in the Tulsa, OK region. With a single call, click, or visit to our local headquarters, you can ensure the safety of your lawn for years to come. Don’t wait for a second longer to protect your loved ones from what matters. Connect with the winning team at Dandi Guaranty today! 

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